BTG Slaughter House senairo problems.
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Thread: BTG Slaughter House senairo problems.

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    Default BTG Slaughter House senairo problems.

    Hello we currently played a game of AQ BTG and started with Slaughter House after the spawn tile became full we rolled for spawns it filled and blocked our way to Ivan here is a picture. I claimed a house rule that 1 of the spawns cannot be blocked. Need feed back please thanks.
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    I'm not sure I understand the question, but if you are asking whether a spawn tile could be blocked by heroes, I believe it can be. As long as 2 models are standing on the spawn tile square, no monsters can spawn there as it would fill above the 2 model limit.
    If I'm missing something here, please let me know.

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    When both red portals have 2 monters each on them. How can we fight Ivan then when the Teleports are currently full and blocked.

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    I don't have the map, so I cannot be sure what it looks like. From your picture, it seems like the only way to get to Ivan is through the room with the two purple portals. I am assuming you are asking what to do if BOTH of those two purple portals become blocked by enemy spawns (not just one). If there is NO OTHER way to reach Ivan, then I would say a house rule could be considered. If there is a way to physically walk there or to attack the monsters within the room, then no.

    Suggest the house rule to be that the monsters spawn on the closest non-full space for those two portal spots only.

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    Yea that's what we did. Cause other wise no one could get to him if it became full and blocked.

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    The other alternative is to play as written, recognizing that if you kill too many monsters before getting some heroes in there, Ivan may escape (since you can't reach him).

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    Yea should have what we done but couldn't find anything on it till now. So hopefully this will help others. Ivan needs to be saught after first lol. Cheers Arydis!

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