Hey guys,
I just wanted to confirm what I believe to be true. In Red Dawn Square, the players are tasked with getting to either the red or green Guild quest tokens which will allow for Lord Fang to spawn. What happens if (a) that spawn tile isn't actually on the table, or (b) the spawn tile is present, but the square is currently full?
I assume in (a) if both times you roll, the token is absent, Lord Fang does not spawn on this map.
In (b) I would assume he would again not spawn. However, I was debating a house rule that would allow Lord Fang to displace one of the monsters on the tile, either to a square Close to the spawner, or that removes the monster from the game, and does not return that monster to the graveyard (I picture Lord Fang coming in, angrily pushing aside one of his lesser minons, and going for the throats of the heroes who disturbed him.
Anyway, if someone could clarify rules (a) and (b), and feel free to comment on my house rules idea, I'd appreciate it!