WoK Build and Paint Day - June 11, 2016 Greer, SC, USA
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Thread: WoK Build and Paint Day - June 11, 2016 Greer, SC, USA

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    Thumbs up WoK Build and Paint Day - June 11, 2016 Greer, SC, USA

    Hosting a Wrath of Kings Build and Paint day at Platform 42 Games in Greer, SC. (Platform FortyTwo on Facebook!)

    June 11 from noon until 4 pm.

    This event is to facilitate the assembly and possible painting of several locals to get them gaming

    There will probably be a few demo turns or even a mini game or two to help familiarize everyone with the rules.

    Paints, primer, and tools will be available for use.

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    I'd love to see pictures of the end results!

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    LoL... pictures? What are those? actually remembered to take ONE picture as we were getting started and posted it to the Facebook Event string... one of the participants posted a couple of pictures on his Facebook feed... and we were so engrossed during the event that I didn't think about pictures again... We talked assembly tips, using a toothpick to apply the superglue if you didn't have one with the brush applicator, especially on the tiny arms and "fins" on the Nasier. We talked a lot about how detailed the models were, and how there is a greater likelyhood an arm or shield going in front of the body blocking brush access... so do you glue them in and try to paint around it or keep it separate until you paint the body and possibly the arm as well.

    "Should you paint to canon colors on the front of the boxes? Or just do your own thing?" was a good part of the discussion.

    This event did not seem like four hours long, with all the folks sitting around the table assembling and talking strategy. I can't wait for us to get started playing! Too bad Hadross was not represented. Goritsi, Nasier, Teknes and Shael Han were the factions we were working on.

    THis might become a Second Saturday planned event!

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