Any idea who this is and do you have it?
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Thread: Any idea who this is and do you have it?

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    Talking Any idea who this is and do you have it?


    I know who two of theseName:  291.jpg
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Size:  284.6 KB Name:  images.jpe
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Size:  7.9 KB Name:  latorre2.jpg
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Size:  67.6 KB are, but not 100% sure on the other. Do you have any of them? do you want to sell them?
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    Here your steampunk ork!

    It's an italian firm, they've great quality of sculpts and casting!

    It's sold out but try to get in touch with them!

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    Unfortunately I don't have any of those. I also know they're all sold out, so hopefully you can find someone here, on another forum, or ebay who's got them and is willing to part with them.

    Are you on the mailing list for TerribleKidsStuff and M Proyec? I think both of those companies only make limited edition models. Get on their mailers so you can get the new ones before they sell out.!thorag/c446!grunkful/c24v0

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