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    Soo... listening in on the section about sevridans, he said d10 will attack against all resonated enemies in range , expend resonate to cause 1 damage... now does that mean, u do a seperate will attack roll against each model that is within range, and then whichever ones you hit u can expend resonate to damage it 1? or is it 1 single will attack roll and any of the enemies that it equals or succeeds their will u can then remove resonate from whoever you succeeded on and do them 1 damage?

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    It sounded to me to be: remove resonate on a model to make a will attack against it, if successful it takes a damage.

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    I'm really, awfully, honestly sorry for the thread necromancy, but if maybe somebody still has access to a downloaded version of the podcast linked in the OP...

    Quote Originally Posted by CMON Michael Shinall View Post
    Can you share it please O.o ? (It looks like it has been ruthlessly purged to make space for the SONG chat )
    I'm really curious about the "why" side of the Hadross changes (while I can guess most of them, it would be educational and fun to hear it from the designer's mouth).

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