Tamiya Fine Surface Primer, Grey.
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Thread: Tamiya Fine Surface Primer, Grey.

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    Default Tamiya Fine Surface Primer, Grey.

    I'm just about to start painting, just waiting on my paints to arrive.
    Living in South Korea, miniature primers, such as GW, are extremely expensive to import (obviously since they're considered hazardous).
    Domestically, I can get Tamiya Surface Primers.
    Anyone have any thoughts on it?

    I'll be using it for my Kingdom Death plastic miniatures.


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    They are much better than GW's spray, so stick with them.
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    I completely agree with MAXXxxx. The Tamiya ones are much finer and therefore shouldn't obscure or fill in any fine detail.
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    Tamiya's good - I use them all the time for the same reason you're thinking about it.
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    KD models have ton of fine and super fine details more so than GW or FW stuff. , I would only use Tamiyas on resin peices, GW stuff will block out details. I learned that hard way. Are you painting there resin stuff or plastic? For there plastic peices you could get away with using a thick primer. But there resin stuff Benfits from lighter spray.

    the only primer I found close to Tamiyas is scale 75 primers. However where currently living Tamiyas is your best bet. Great products all around.

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    That's what I use. Expensive but worth it.

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    I too wish to chime in and state Tamiya grey primer is my primer of choice. Always remember, paint isn't primer and primer isn't paint (GW sprays aren't primer).

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    Not sure if you can get it where you are,.. but Duplicolor sandable automotive primer is fantastic!!!
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    And how about Andrea or Army painter primer sprays?


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    Quote Originally Posted by fallawayde View Post
    And how about Andrea or Army painter primer sprays?

    Army Painter, see comment about GW spray. My experience not good.
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