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Thread: ADE goes giant mad...

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    Me too,has a kind of snapping turtle vibe.

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    Quite talented. You are really well versed in this sculpting thingie.

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    Kind words again, it's one of those things, should have started years ago but lacked the confidence as it seemed like a dark art.So many great products out there now and info on how to sculpt is everywhere,just been copying other people and breaking it down into little chunks.

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    Decided to do a small bust of a Giant using Super Sculpey as my next project.First day taken up with getting the shape roughed in.
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    Excellent work on those stone golems. They have a lot of character.

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    Cheers Krulester...A bit further on with the Giant's bust(eyes and ears added) started a conversion of an evil Father Christmas using an old Dr Who Krillitane figure with a cape added from a Batman figure.
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    Wouldn’t want to see that thing coming down the chimney! Nice stuff man, getting more and more impressive with each passing project.

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    Well, that was disturbing!

    Quote Originally Posted by Foxtail View Post
    Wouldn’t want to see that thing coming down the chimney! Nice stuff man, getting more and more impressive with each passing project.
    I don't my explain some of the gifts I have had in the past.

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    I really like that monkey demon Santa you’re working on. Seems like a lot of us are in the holiday spirit these around here.

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    Cheers gang, been cracking into the Evil Father Christmas .....All done .... and now on to a bit more sculpting.
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    Conversion of a Venom action figure into a Gnasher Screamer.The figure was broken up using the boil and pop method and the clay used is Apoxie sculpt.
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    Nice work! I like dem teeth. Really clean lines there.

    The boil and pop method - can you elaborate? Or is it as simple as that?

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    Hey Gorb, just put some boiling water into a bowl and put the figure in for three minutes .Then pull apart,sometimes I pin and glue the figure back together,this time once each bit was cleaned it was boiled again and pushed back together.The joints are flooded with super glue then filled.The boiling water has no effect on the Apoxie sculpt once cured.

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    Added tongues to the stomach area and sculpted a mouth into the left elbow.Not happy with the loincloth so re sculpted the bottom section.
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    Default a good way! Great job on the Evil Santa thing as well as the modifications to the Spawn figure.

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    Great info, thanks for the tips! Looking fabulous, must be fun to sculpt

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    Venom conversion continues, head,rot,more teeth and a tattered rag for the upper body. Feet still to be replaced.
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    Very nice and smooth organic looking work there. This is coming together nicely. I like the stance too, how you turned the feet inward. Makes him look slower and more hulking.

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    Neat. I like the direction you are going with the head.

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