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    Default ADE goes giant mad...

    Decided to smash into some giants ...Picked up a Wizards of the coast Stone giant Elder from the bootfair for 30p....A Reaper Resin and white metal Frost giant(Boerogg Blackrime) for Fathers day and the most impressive of the three, a Heroclix Frost giant for £10.00...Name:  THREE GIANTS ONE.jpg
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    Ok , got some work done on all the giants this week...Reaper Frost giant primed,Heroclix Frost giant converted and primed and the Wizards Stone giant elder fixed to a new base....The spear for the Heroclix Frost giant was made by gluing two halves of an old plane model kit either side of some brass rod stuffed full of Araldite glue.When this dried I carved away the tip losing virtually all the plastic plane part which had acted like a mold while the glue set.The spiked mace was cut from the giant and his hand was drilled to accept the rod.Once glued in place the texture to the rod was added with green stuff.The close up of the primed tip shows the faceted end to his ice spear...
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    These are looking nice. I don't know why Reaper doesn't due more resin kits as the detail looks great and it is kind of sad when I see some of the awesome sculpt greens they have only made of Bones PVC.

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    Thanks for taking time to comment Krule.....Today I decided the Wizards Stone giant didn't cut it on the shoulder proportions(one huge ,one tiny)and the quality of the fur sculpting(very soft and flat) so with the Green stuff I went in and dressed him in some rugged furs suitable for a giant ,which I also used to disguise his tiny shoulder...
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    Did a bit of airbrush work today...On the Reaper Frost giant shot some Grey then white on to him from the front to affect the following coats...The Wizards Stone giants flesh was base coated a dark grey...Finally the Heroclix Frost giant had his flesh highlighted all by airbrush as he is such a big figure and I wanted a softer more natural look...
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    Man those are 'giant' models lol
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    Ha ha...Giant!!....not just big....The Heroclix Frost giant is a beast and can be picked up cheap....Wicked figure!!

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    Started the Heroclix Frost giants fur today...A couple of thin base coats followed by two different washes(one overall and the other more specific) and then only one highlight so far using the base coat to pick out individual hairs at random...
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    Ok !....At this stage I'm really happy with his furry bits and will maybe spot wash and highlight some more at the end...blocked in the gold work and his skullcap horns and picked out the horns hanging down...
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    Did a bit of darting about all over the place today to give the overall figure some shape and bring him closer to finishing...Added some highlights by brush to his feet and the hand on the ice...Had a good crack at the ice base and spear using the same colours to tie the figure together..Brought the gold armbands and fittings to his helmet horns up to finish....Gave him some nasty man nibbling giant teeth and painted his eyes in...Finished the helmet horns then drank beer...
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    Ok...Heroclix Frost giant finished now...Not a lot to do but tidy up a few loose ends really...Not my best work and there are some things I would do differently next time.I could have gone further but there is something about the way it looks now that I don't want to mess up , so time to step away and move on...Painting a bigger figure was a different experience and using an airbrush for the skin has given the figure a real soft glow that doesn't show through in the photos.
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    You used black lining for a very effective stylized look. Congrats on completing him.

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    Cheers Krule!...Now with just over an hour to spare today I crashed into the skin and fur on my Reaper Frost giant ,a bit rough at this early stage but it gives him a little shape ...
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    Another couple of hours today and fur was washed ,outlined and generally jazzed up a bit ...Base coated the the bones,skulls,teeth,hair and leather and had a good stab at doing all the gold work....Finished off with the tongue and teeth...
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    Like these giants. For the new guy, I'd both add some general contours to the shading of the cloak (darken bottom overall) and pick out the overhang behind the shoulders. Some subtle color variations would be nice too, and would allow you to bounce off the strong blue you're working up on the skin. Other furry areas should get similar treatment.

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    Another big figure picked up from the boot fair....this time it's Doomsday from DC comics, brandishing Superman's cape hanging from his spiked fist.I cleaned the figure with Dettol then filed,scraped,filled with Milliput,sanded then polished with wire wool to get a lovely finish before priming with Vallejo polyurethane black primer using an airbrush...
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    Did a bit more work on Doomsday ...painted the skin with an airbrush finishing the final coats from above to capture the tops of all his features for a really quick,natural and smooth highlight...Also base coated some areas ready for the next phase...Name:  DOOMSDAY SKIN AND BASECOAT 1.jpg
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    Done a little more work on Doomsday ....Worked up the stonework with a mixture of wet and drybrushing and added a coat of chainmail to the metallic areas...
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    After a break for the summer it's back to it with Mierce Miniatures Maallolvor Lumbering Mallox ....
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