ADE goes giant mad...
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Thread: ADE goes giant mad...

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    Winding down.
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    These are looking nice. I don't know why Reaper doesn't due more resin kits as the detail looks great and it is kind of sad when I see some of the awesome sculpt greens they have only made of Bones PVC.

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    Man those are 'giant' models lol
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    You used black lining for a very effective stylized look. Congrats on completing him.

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    Like these giants. For the new guy, I'd both add some general contours to the shading of the cloak (darken bottom overall) and pick out the overhang behind the shoulders. Some subtle color variations would be nice too, and would allow you to bounce off the strong blue you're working up on the skin. Other furry areas should get similar treatment.

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    Just flicking through your thread Ade, really impressed with what you’ve been doing. You’ve clearly got a lot of talent.

    Keep it up!

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    Some really cool work. I really like the textures you created on the brush holder--neat idea. The ogre though is awesome and really illustrates how a paint scheme change can really improve the interest of a mini.

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    Such fun watching you renovate and customize these, man. Love what you did with the ogre, and can't wait to see the hippo painted up..

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    That hippo is going to look awesome. It’s a great figure and you’ve based him well.

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    very cool to see the before and afters. its amazing how a little TLC can give the minies a new lease of life.

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    I am liking the magenta tones developing in the skin.

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    Loving the work you have done on these minis. That hippo is looking great.

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    This is a really cool seeing how you are bringing it back to life.

    BUT, he better see a DR about that water retention issue with his legs...wouldn't want to amputate! Lol

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    The troll is looking great. I really like the pallet you have gone for. Good stuff.

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    I’ve been following this one through, and feel bad that I haven’t commented more, but I haven’t really known what to say as you’re tackling this in a way I’m not used to.

    He’s looking superb though. I’d like to see the contrast in the legs extended to the rest of the skin. Awesome work though

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    The additions of the little critters add some cool aditional interest. Congrats on completing him.

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    That hill giant is looking really good!

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    I love this sculpt, it’s so horrible and your doing a really great job with it... I may have to look at finding one of these, would be great fun to paint.

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