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    Really nice work and clever use of action figures as a sculpting tool. Enjoying the Instagram updates as well.

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    You're sculpting keeps improving. Nice start on the treeman.

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    This is really cool work. I am glad you are showing the process you are learning.

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    Great sculpt.

    The texture of the wood looks covincing, very realistic. The only thing I could criticise are the eyes. I think they need an eyelash or something to make them look less comic-like. Apart from that it looks awesome. Great work.

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    Another awesome sculpt mate. I quite like the eyes. How many trees with eyelashes have you seen recently?
    He is going to look sweet when painted up!

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    Amazing work man. Those sculpt are badass! Super cool face on the tree dude!

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    Great start! Haha I can see myself adding faces like that when I start to sculpt. Great shape on that guy too. Love the proportions. Nice to see more sculpting from people like you and Chaos. Can’t wait to start tweaking out on that stuff.

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    Good luck. After reading that last reply I realized that I hadn’t considered cracking before. Sculpting sounds pretty daunting haha. Is that why you built up the shoulders on your tree guy with tinfoil instead of putty? To help keep uniform thickness and even drying?

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    I just want to start off by saying I think 90 percent of the tree sculpts on the market are totally cringeworthy. Don’t like em. Wouldn’t paint em. Especially GW ones. Out of all the minis I’ve rated. I think I only like a single GW tree mini and that was because it was painted superbly. Your sculpt however is different. I really like it and I like that cartoonish quality about it too. It has character yet you still know you are looking at a tree. Please don’t change the eyes. They really make the face.

    Edit : it would look really good painted up with some moss and vines. Maybe an epiphytic plant or two. Sculpt some fungi along a limb. Awesome.
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    Wow!!! This is quite a project!!!

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    Your textures are great. Great contrast between the skin, the leather and the fur.
    Question: he is wearing boots, but I can't tell whether he is wearing pants or not?

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    That's a great idea with the paper+superglue armature. At first I thought it was plasticard.
    That might come in handy for cloaks and stuff too.

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    Awesome! That’s great! Really love the harness rig strap where it ties to the ring. The club and club handle are amazing man. Your wood sculpts are some of my favorites i’ve seen!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ADE70 View Post
    Hi Stephan, the Tree man was made from Aves Apoxie sculpt which won't crack and like Milliput and Greenstuff drys by chemical reaction, the disadvantage to this clay is it's speedy drying time but it's really tough.The reason the tin foil was used is to save money on clay.The Ogre is made from Super Sculpey medium which can crack if applied in a thickness of over half an inch. Still finding my way with armatures as I don't want to apply too much tin foil then not be able to sculpt to the required depth.Although on my Great unclean one sculpt I used the Dremel to get some depth back in a couple of areas.The advantage to Super Sculpey is it stays wet until baked so you can take your time which is perfect for more complex projects like the Ogre where i'm not so confident.However Sculpey is brittle and can break easily once hardened.
    Thanks for the great info. I have some apoxie sculpt on the way and it should get here any day. Had my first go with milliput and misapplied it a bit and ended up chucking it. I didn’t let it set up enough at first and then waited too long. Chaos Spawn recommended Bees putty to me and i just got it in. Eager to give it a shot and try some of the stuff i’m seeing on your thread. Awesome stuff and much appreciated.

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    That is definately a cool mini! Impressive.

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    That mushroom sculpt is awesome! The mouth reminds me of the mayor on Nightmare Before Christmas.

    Keep 'em coming!

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    Your mushrooms and trees are so damn awesome man. Great work once again. Your WIP photos are great too being able to see the progression of the sculpt as you go. Really helpful for me. What’s up next on the menu from you? You crank these suckers out fast!

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    I love all the texturing, esp the subtle dimples on top of its head. Very nice!

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