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    Frankie and the mushie man are fantastic. It would be great to have a few different kinds of mushrooms and toadstools. You have to pick up the paintbrush again and paint them up. Let their story run full circle.

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    I really dig the texture on the cap of the mushroom guy...subtle, yet intricate. How did you model that texture?
    Frankenstein is a cool sculpt...reminds me of some "new school" tattoo styles.

    Keep it coming! I too, would like to see what painting skills you have in that bag 'o' artist mojo; if you can sculpt like that, I'm sure you can paint too.

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    Thanks folks, The texture on the mushroom cap is very simple to do.Using various different sizes of ball tools.You just tap all over the surface at random and it gives a lovely natural finish.It's a great way to texture large surfaces quickly.

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    Troll bust sculpted from Super Sculpey,Apoxie sculpt,Milliput,styrene sheet for the ears and ball bearings for the eyes.The rest is easy to see from the pics.A quick one to get me back into things.
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    Love your work ADE! How long does it take you to sculpt something this size?

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    Cheers Gorb, this was a really easy piece ,took around 6-7 hours over three days.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ADE70 View Post
    Cheers Gorb, this was a really easy piece ,took around 6-7 hours over three days.
    That's what is so amazing about your work; you move FAST. I'd still be tinkering with the armature after three days

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    My take on an Orc from Lord of the rings.Still needs ears and fine tuning
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