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    New projects.Black Orcs,Gnome fighter and a Yeti conversion from a cheap action figure.
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    Finished all the sculpting on the Yeti,base needs more work and an overall coat of liquid Green stuff before priming.Really pleased with this gangly chap and these cheap action figures are a great way to get good stock for conversions. 50p at a boot fair has made this a very satisfying find.
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    Great conversion on the yeti! Does it get painted?

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    Yep,just had a to finish base before priming,going for a very pale skinned monster walking through snow.

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    Yeti base finished with Milliput to provide some shape for the snow covering.Figure given several thin coats of liquid Green stuff to blend all the alterations together.Finally white enamel was shot out the end of my old badger to provide a solid and tough white coat to work on.
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    Cheers Guawol,roughed in his pink bits, hair and face.
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    Yeti day two,fur,nails and bony protrusions tackled plus some extra work on the skin and altered the teeth.
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    Yeti finished and i'm really pleased with this figure,maybe add some more touches between the gloss and matt varnish stage.. maybe not....
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    Looking good brother! Nice work with the skin tone glazes.

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