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    Cheers gorb,pretty much there now.Got the head and horns on,just needs basing and a few snags to finish off.
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    You are doing an excellent job on this so far...really nice work

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    Cheers Hairster, it's taught me a lot working on this figure, next time a sketch and plan will be used for an easier sculpt as it was all made up as it went along, which probably suited this kind of miniature.
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    Finished! reworked the teeth,tongue,horns,solar plexus and parts of the chest.Added a base with some open sores in the groundwork to tie it in with the demon.
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    Fabulous work. He's oozing personality!

    Oh wait, that's guts & bile he's oozing. Never mind.

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    Thank you, pleased he's on to my Mountain troll bust...
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    Cheers Krulester, first time sculpting a bust so quite an intense experience.Day two and started to add some lines,wrinkles,stubble and general overall texture.
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    Day three on the Troll bust.Only two more days before the clay dries completely so adding more texture,wrinkles and lines to give it some depth as due to it's size it reflects a lot of light.The eyes will be replaced and some boils added once there is a hard surface to work on.
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    The unclean one turned out great! And the troll bust is awesome too. I love the skin texture you worked into it. Looks really leathery and tough.
    What clay did you use?

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    Cheers Gorb,the clay used is Pebeo Gedeo air drying clay(4-5 days dry time)the skin texture was mostly worked through plastic to soften the edges of the lines.If you check my Instagram (positive painter)there is a vid showing the process.
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    GUO turned out awesome, can wait to see you paint it up...
    this new bust is awesome, great work so far.

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