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    Best of luck to my British and EU friends. You have been through worse challenges and came out better from them. I have confidence you will from this one too.

    ....now where is that forgeworld website....lol

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    For any of us that voted remain, and did a collective face-plant when it came up as leave - there is a possibility of a second referendum. Apparently a second referendum can be called for if either side wins with less than 60% with a turnout of less than 75%, which it is in this case. You can go to the following UK Gov website to add your support https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/131215

    Now, whether this will make a difference or not is hard to tell at this stage - but over 2.3m poeple have so far added their support to this motion; and if there is even a slim chance of turning this farce around then I say lets give it our best.
    What you leave behind is not what is written on your tombstone but what is written in the heart of others.

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    Ive seen the petition and tried signing it but I haven't had the confirmation email, I've at least shared it on my Facebook and surprisingly didn't get any abuse for it, I don't know if anyone else has seen the amount of hatred being spouted between so called friends and in some cases within families but it's horrible, Facebook is not a nice place right now

    Edit: oh and Boris Johnson is supposedly in talks to be prime minister so we've got that to look forward to
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    Well done fellas. I´m keeping my door locked in case border control comes a knockin.

    Must say, however, that the "remain" campaign did an absolutely dreadful job. Really. Corbyn felt like he didn't want in anyways, and Camerons rhetoric just doesn't speak to the masses, at all. Only thing that improved from Thursday to Friday were my marriage prospects. Loads of lovely ladies now looking for a potential husband with an EU-passport:P

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