how can a create a rought sea effect?
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Thread: how can a create a rought sea effect?

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    Default how can a create a rought sea effect?

    Hello, could anybody tell me how to make a rought sea with waves and froth?? Is there any tutorial step by step? It has to be really realistic, preferably with water effect; the main probem is the froth 'cause I ve no idea of the materials I shoud use,
    Thanks in advance!

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    few that could help:

    + there was a video of a patrol boat, that I can't find, but was super for this.
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    just following as I'll need to know this at some point

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    What scale?

    I've seen casting resin picked with a brush (disposable) when it has reached the gel point. Highlight with plaster or with white paint.
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    I sculpted the waves, painted, vallejo water effect, then glass micro beads - very pleased with the results albeit cartoony.

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    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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    Default here is the effect I d like to obtain, the scale miniatures I m eorking with is 28/54 mm for a small diorama.
    Thanks for you help.
    Ten ball, your work is lovely and your water effect impressive, I ll certainly try it (thanks!) But in this case I m looking for a more realistic output

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    Woah...the Great Carlo B asking for advice. This is humbling. I picked you out YEARS ago, when you only had 3-4 paintings scoring in the 8s range in your gallery. I just knew there was something special about your work. Now I just reviewed your work and wow...I should have wagered on your success!!!! Doing great man!

    I don't have any advice as I have never created a water base of any kind. Cheers tho
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