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    Default Special Action: Sacrifice

    Hi there,

    Just a quick clarification:

    What about the Special Action "Sacrifice" by Cruel Minie - kill any infantry unit in his grid to remove one damage marker?

    May Cruel Minie just remove his own damage markers or as well from others in his own grid or maybe from others anywhere on the game board?

    Many thanks for your help.

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    All I can say is how we played it.
    We played 'sacrifice' as other's loss for his gain only.
    So can kill other units in his grid (only) to remove his (only) damage markers.
    We also decided that as the glass dome headed character was more meant to be the blight 'tank' character from his fluff, that cruel Minnie can only do this after he has taken the wound, so it doesn't stop him getting hit in the first place.
    There was also the question of if we should house rule this could only happen on the blight's turn, so a concentrated attack on his grid if he's in the wrong position could still kill him. Didn't use him much after that though, we need to get more games in.

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    Hi there,

    Well, I guess this special may be used during the Blight's turn only because it's related to an Action.

    Still not sure if he may remove the damage markers from himself only. I think we will play it the way that he may do that from any figure in his own grid. Looks fair enough to us here.

    Anyway thanks very much for your help.

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    I always thought he could only heal himself. Mainly because the Healing Ato explicitly says another unit and Cruel Minie didn't seem like the kind of person to worry about other units.
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