Dark Age players in south east Michigan?
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Thread: Dark Age players in south east Michigan?

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    Default Dark Age players in south east Michigan?

    Hoping to start up a regular game night on Wednesdays at RIW (after workish). Curious if there are any other Dark Age player local to the area and interested.

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    I hope to gather a few players with interest in Dark Age or Wrath of Kings at RIW Hobbies in Livonia about 5-5:30pm on Wednesday August 10. Any takers?

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    Pics from last night. We had a handful of guys show up, and got in a few games. Myself, I had my generic Outcasts go into a Forsaken - St. Mark list twice. First game, the Outcasts got too close in a piecemeal fashion and just got evaporated.He had a sister of something or other healing dudes I did manage to down. Learning from my mistakes, I kited alot in game two, focusing on using the manhunter early to remove that sister, and scuts + bully to plink AP off Mark and snipe his bodyguards away. Even then, Mark and the mechanic he had did ALOT of work shooting Outcasts down. It came down to the bully vs a coil leader. That bully pulled out the win like a boss.
    After a handful of demos over a handful of years, and watching maybe a dozen games besides over that same time, I'm excited to finally jump in.
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    Here, we had a 3-way game of vanilla Skarrd, Toxic Cult, and Forsaken St. John. Previously it was Skarrd on John. Good times. It was fun watching the Skarrd players tear into each other while John and Co. watched and contributed the odd flaemthrower.
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    We had a handful of guys down recently, and it'd be great to keep that rolling. Sharing here in case anyone wants to drop by for a game.
    I plan to be there Wednesday, August 17, about 5-5:30 or so (depends on work). Swing on by!

    RIW Hobbies
    29571 5 Mile Rd
    Livonia, MI 48154

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    I will be in at RIW again tomorrow, Aug 24, Outcasts in tow. Who is game?

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    The gang will be at RIW Wednesday, Aug 31, about 5:30. Anyone welcome to join.

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    Great night. We had both Wrath of Kings and Dark Age going on, and 8 guys total. Next week!

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    Looks like we'll have a crowd of Dark Age folks looking for games tomorrow, Sept 14. Hope to see you there!

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    We'll have guys playing Dark Age at RIW this Saturday, Sept 17. Start about noonish. Drop on in.

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    Ive got my Outcasts packed up and will be at RIW tonight. Looking for games.

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    9/28 is the next Dark Age night at RIW.

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    We'll have Dark Age games tonight at RIW.

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    We'll be playing Dark Age on Wednesday, October 19, at RIW. See you about 5:30ish with my Outcasts!

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    I'll be out of town this week, but I hope everyone enjoys some Dark Age games Wednesday at RIW!

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