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    Hey all,

    In terms of a brick & mortar, I only have a local Warhammer store to visit for miniatures and supplies. Although I am very happy to purchase stuff online.

    I'd like to grab some green stuff and sculpting tools, but as a newb, am unsure if the Games Workshop stuff is what people would recommend or if there are alternatives I should look at. I'd really appreciate any advice you might have!

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    not sure if with shipping it's feasible to the AU, but heresy miniatures (UK) are a good source for them.

    sculpting tools: (12 tools instead of 1 from GW)
    green stuff: (about 3-4x longer than the GW one)
    if you order from them order some beesputty tester too. For an extra 0,5 you can try it out. I heard good things about it.

    But to be honest instead of GS I'd suggest trying Milliput or Magic Sculpt or even 3d software+3d printing (and some vids show FIMO to be great too). I find them better than GS.
    Also for tools:
    - you can use anything. JAG (who sculpted this for example: uses a wooden stick and toothpicks quite often (based on a MM video with him)
    - I think having some color shapers is a good thing to smooth things (
    - also I've seen multiple tutorials, where the sculptor used a brush and thinner to soften the material so it could be smoother even more. I think the thinner was mineral spirits, but not sure about this one.
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    Normally I'd say go with Heresy, but Andy's just posted up recently that he's now a one man show and is struggling to get casting for the Kickstarter he ran cast up and sorted out. Because of that he's not processing shop orders so while they WILL get processed eventually it could be a while.

    In the meanwhile do some hunting around online. Element Games in the UK are good and reasonable (only 20 minutes away from me), tools, well look online for Wax Carving tools and rubber/silicon tipped "Clay shapers".
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    Just to address your question about GW green stuff being recommended, it's no different then any other green stuff out there. It's all a 2 part yellow/blue epoxy. The official name for it is Kneadatite and it might be in stock at a local hardware store under that name. Try to avoid getting it in strip form, ie Name:  kneadatite.jpg
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Size:  24.5 KB. In this form bits of where the two parts meet will harden over time and you'll have to pick them out when you work with it. The other form it is sold in is a pair of tubes, each tube containing 1 color.

    Also +1 for Maxxxxx's comment about tools, color shapers are especially great. The Mini sets of 5 are size 0, I find they work for applying greenstuff when filling/texturing/adjusting a mini but am unsure if you would want a bigger size for actual sculpting. If you have an art store nearby you can probably get an inexpensive starter set (cheap dental tools work as well) and see what you like.

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    Hi MAXXxxx, Dragonsreach, Splurch

    Thank you all!! Really helpful and informative!! Appreciate the heads up on other options and URLs etc... Wow. Far more bang for the buck with those Heresy tools. Shipping is normally okay.. or, at least, I'm used to being gouged for it.

    Happy Friday!
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    I spoke to my dentist and asked if he could get me some sculpting tools, he let me borrow a catalogue and just picked out what I needed. Essentially I've found the "Number 5 wax carver" the most useful and then something pointy and spikey. You can find dental/sculpting tools readily available on ebay.

    I'd avoid sculpy as suggested above as you have to bake it to make it set, that said if you're working on large piece I guess it would be fine and you do have the chance to rework it the following day once you see your pieces with fresh eyes which you won't with a 2 part putty that air dries naturally.
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    If you end up using a ribbon of green stuff as in Splurch's picture, cut out the center strip where the two colors meet before you mix them together. That will prevent the little hardened blobs in your putty. If you go the sculpey route, I'd recommend Super Sculpey Firm. It's very nice to work with, and easier than green stuff since it doesn't stick to the tools as much and doesn't 'bounce back' and expand after you stop working it.

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    There's always alternatives, i got a pack of cheap all metal tools from maplin here's the link.

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    Ebay is a good source for a lot of what you would need to start sculpting. If you can find "Kneadatite blue/yellow epoxy putty" is the original green stuff and comes in a long tube, is by far the best and some times cheapest option.

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    Make your own tools. Old paintbrushes and cocktail sticks work well. I have one with a rounded point on one end and a circular wedge on the other and one with a bit of wire glued (or drilled into) each end with green stuff to form the handle. One end is super pointy and the other is flattened. I use those two for 90% of my stuff. Use head grease to lubricate the tools, it helps blend the gs too

    I've spent loads on tools over the years but when you make your own, you have total control and you make exactly what you want. Plus they are nearly free

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