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    Hi all, long time lurker, but I finally got up the gall to actually post something up. (Also my lady Sionid keeps showing me up painting-wise so I must try to improve!) For tonights first post I just thought I'd throw up some stuff I've done recently then I can keep posting other stuff as I finish it!
    Unidon Batroids for my Combined Army force: For the Infinity models I'm actually trying to stay away from using metallics the I use alot of in most of my other paintjobs.
    Name:  unidrion Batroids (Plasma Carbines).jpg
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    And I also recently finished my guildball Brewers team which I'm quite proud of since they are some of the best I've done yet! still need to get better at making smooth lines for Tartans and such...
    Name:  Brewers Team 1.jpg
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    Name:  Brewers-Stoker A.jpg
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    Name:  Spigot.jpg
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    Welcome Nick! Yeah some fast NMM seems to really suit itself to the Infinity. The sculpts are so fine the grainy-ness of metallics seems to distract from it. Keep posting! Maybe you can get some feedback from some of the amazing painters on here... like Sionid.

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    Welcome to the forums Drosswaith. Good to see another guild ball painter.
    Those brewers look mean, I particularly like stoker's fire!
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    The infinity pieces look nice but the fire on that last picture is real good !
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    Welcome aboard Nick!
    I agree with the rest, flames on that guy are cool! ^^
    I also like the browns on the team, nice palette.

    I must confess that having such a skilled mentor at your side will possibly speed up your skillset in no time at all!
    Envy! xD xD but don't forget to have fun over the rest!
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    Welcome, solid work Don't worry about trying to compete with her - that way madness lies. Just have fun with the rest of us!
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    Welcome to the forums. Those are some nice looking teams of minis.

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    Welcome Nick, some nice looking stuff here.
    For the Brewers eyes a thin line of dark brown between the White of the eye and the flesh will help define it more. Some red in the shadows

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    Welcome to the madness and fun of the forums Nick!

    Your Brewers team looks great! The Guild Ball minis are great quality and have such individual character. I'm sure you had lots of fun with them.
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    Thanks for the welcome folks! The Fire on Stoker was pretty fun to do, but it's not complicated at all just a lot of dry brushing up from white, slowly moving up the fire area from the source while moving up the color spectrum. The end results does look quite cool for the little work I put into it!

    Tonights project: Kurgat Assault Engineers. There's 2 I'm working on at the moment but I just got the 1 to post so far.
    Name:  IMG_20160713_222146.jpg
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Size:  553.7 KBName:  IMG_20160713_222224.jpg
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    I'm trying to put more contrast into the armor plates so the layering looks better, and I tried to make his dagger thing on his backpack look like its some sort of gem or energy blade. It's not there yet but it's a good start to figuring out how the Blades should look on later stuff.

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    Name:  IMG_20160714_224914.jpg
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    Kurgat with Autocannon, because screw physics and fulcrums and such.

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    Name:  Sogarat HMG.jpg
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    Sogarat heavy trooper this time. I'm liking how the blade came out better this time. MIght go in and add some lines to the armor (like paint or unit marking stuff) gotta decide how I want to do that.

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    Name:  Kornak Gazrot.jpg
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    Tonight got Kornak Gazarot finished up, he's a named character guy so I tried to do some more decor on the armor and pants, happy with that, but still not happy with the swords.... Also HOLY CRAP these pictures blow up large.

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    Everything looks wonderful.we all need to improve but you have quite a bit of talent in your gene pool and it shows in your models!!! Great work bud!!!

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