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    I just downloaded newest update on my iPhone 5s. As soon as I started a new game the cards are all weirdly zoomed in and centred to the left. So whether viewing them from afar or hovering to zoom, you can't read the the right side of the card at all. All of them are cut off and the game is now unplayable. Sucks because I was really enjoying it. Guess I have to wait for the next update and hope it fixes the game

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    Newest update 1.8.3 did not fix the issue. The game is currently unplayable as the right 1/4 of every single card is not visible due to the "zoomed in effect" on all cards.

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    It's strange. I don't have any issue like that. Maybe uninstall and reinstall?

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    This is how my game looks, with every single card zoomed to the left. I tried changing qualities, camera angles, uninstalling and reinstalling. It's broken like this. And it was fine up until I downloaded the recent update.

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    Yes fellas, for some reason an apparently completely random assortment of users on iOS are experiencing this.

    Christian, what's your iOS version?

    We've had people with iPhone 5S and iOS 9.3.2 seeing this, and yet we've only managed to reproduce it on an iPhone 4 running iOS 7.9! We do have an iPhone 5S with 9.3.2 here for instance and it's not replicating the same problem.

    We are completely committed to investigating and fixing this ASAP though.

    Thanks for the feedback.

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    It was 9.1 but I have since updated to latest version of IOS with no luck either. Still all zoomed and broken

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