Help wanted! Our new products in return for proofreading.
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Thread: Help wanted! Our new products in return for proofreading.

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    Smile Help wanted! Our new products in return for proofreading.

    Hi, I'm Stephan, aka derwish.
    I'm searching for a native proofreader (en-us) for our upcoming campaign.
    Probably not too difficult for a native american but for me
    I can offer two of our new products, we have left after a first production test run, in return.

    To give you an idea of what this is all about, have a look on our fb page:

    or my chanel:

    If you want to help, please pm me.

    Thanks a lot

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    Happy to help out.
    And yes even thought I berate our American Cousins for their spelling I've read enough to get around it.
    I believe in Karma, what you give, is what you get returned. Affirmation; Savage Garden
    Oh look my IQ results came in:-
    , and proud of it.

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    Bah! The Brits are 'orrible spellours.
    ​You are ranked 1 out of 9149 artists.
    BloodFather's Axis of Chaos

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    Pfft! Don't listen to these hosers. Canada is where we know all aboot English, eh?
    "Remember, you can't spell paint without a little pain."

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    As someone who, for a day job, writes ministerial briefings I'd be happy to proof read anything you have.

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    Hey, thanks a lot for your offer to help. I've chosen one of you already. If you still want to support us, wait for early September. There will be possibilities to support. At the moment I tie up various interesting rewards which you'll like certainly

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