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    Does anyone know of a manufacturer of a Maleficent / Snow white evil witch miniature? (28-32mm with or without wings) I would love to have one as main character in a 'Kings of war' 'Forces of nature' (tree based) army.
    I have googled but I think Disney IP must be preventing manufacture.....the tree warriors from the film would be good too, oh and so would the dragon, but just Maleficent for now......

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    Nice....a bit big at 54mm though

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    Don't think anybody has one at 32mm.
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    you may use Werners Succubus as a replacement?

    There's also an OOP Chaos demon from Freebooter, Code CHA 002-V, which can be built with or without wings:

    Tree men I would do myself.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Schwarz-Brot View Post
    Tree men I would do myself.
    this, or the new tree-men from GW's last week's release. They look pretty good imho and if only for painting 1 box of dryads/revenants isn't THAT expensive.

    As for maleficent... Hasslefree to the rescue:
    the evolved (not)Elsa would work too as an evil queen: (normal here: )

    and imho in the darksword sortiment you can find a few others too that are super for an evil queen figure:
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    Thanks guys!...order in for "Semira Marise" from Hasslefree, I will post a picture of the army once i get her and paint her up!

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