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    I saw the Kickstarter when it was up, but the timing was off so I wasn't able to actually jump in.

    But this week, I finally picked the game up. I grabbed some files off of BGG, and ... life seems to be good.

    I'm hoping to take it for a spin tonight, but I figured I'd ask:

    Are there any pitfalls to watch for? Specific rules that cause trouble or are easily overlooked?

    If I like the game (and it looks like I will from my first read-through of the rules), where should I go next? Which team(s) are the most fun to play? Are the KS-exclusive bits worth tracking down?

    I'm also one of those League Organizer folks. I've run leagues for Blood Bowl and Dungeon Twister and Formula De and ... well, a bunch of games, both sports-themed and not. This game looks like it's well-suited to league play (and I noticed that there are several sets of league rules out there).

    Are any of the teams broken enough to be a problem if I were to host a local league?

    Thanks in advance,


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    I missed the KS, but just recently got into this as well.
    Only got in a couple of 2 player and 3 player games so far. I'm enjoying it though.

    The non starting teams I've played so far have been:

    All have played a bit different, changing what I try to focus on.

    Played against:

    The Barbarians (and Amazons) seemed to work well for one of our group.
    We all enjoyed playing each team.

    I'd recommend Valkyries and Lycanthropes.
    Both really fun to play. (Does depend on what you like thematically and play style though)
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