looking for article/link for ice bases, with bodies under the ice - can't find
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Thread: looking for article/link for ice bases, with bodies under the ice - can't find

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    Default looking for article/link for ice bases, with bodies under the ice - can't find


    i recall years ago (more than 5, but not sure when) there was either an article or a model that had a body under the ice. The base, i think was hollowed out, etc to do this.

    I'm trying to find that, if anyone recalls it. searched in the articles and didn't find it.

    I want to make a winter styled base for something i'm currently doing and want some tips on how to.

    i was thinking of making a hollow base. painting the bottom of it within the hollow, black. then adding whatever i want under the ice and then use clear resin. finally, paint some lines and add snow to the surface to make it look like etched ice.

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    Sanjay, the same principle applies as you would use for figures underwater. The only difference is in the material on the surface needing to be ice/snow instead of grass.
    Personally I'd suggest not using Black to darken the Deep areas as that could be too "Warm" perhaps Vallejo Deep Sea Blue might be more effective.
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    I might do this within a reasonable future as I've wanted to do it for a long time and now have a miniature where it suits. I let you know if I come up with anything great.

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    I can't say I recall the exact article you are referring to but there are some great articles/tutorials regarding ice and underwater bases in the Mig/Ammo Weathering magazines. One magazine is snow and ice specifically. They may relate to larger scale military and fantasy dioramas but the info they contain is applicable to any scale.

    Edit:I just checked the mags to make sure I was giving the right info and I need to update it. The Snow and Ice issue is fantastic but only shows flat or quite shallow water bases. There is another issue titled K.Os and Wrecks and that has deeper water bases. There are a few articles of wrecked boats and divers etc. that are great. Specifically there is one relating to icebergs and floating surface ice. The one of an old wrecked wooden boat underwater is one of the better articles I've seen. Take the ice from one and the underwater tutorial from the other and it fits the brief.
    There is a later issue titled Water but I don't have that one as yet and don't know if anything would be suitable.
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    I don't think mine is the one you're talking about but I did something similar here: http://www.coolminiornot.com/343975.

    The way you've described it is pretty much the way I did mine. Let me know if you have any questions.


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