Pictures from this weekends demo!!
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Thread: Pictures from this weekends demo!!

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    Default Pictures from this weekends demo!!

    I had a great time at Serenity Hobbies in Oneonta N.Y. demoing Dark Age. I also want to say I love the Rust Point Bundle from Death Ray Designs!!
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    I do have to find more time to paint everything up.

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    Really enjoying your painting style! What is your method for the flesh on those buzzblades?

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    I used P3 Idrian Flesh as shade, Khardic Flesh as the base , Midlund Flesh as a highlight and Ryn Flesh as a final highlight. I basically had two transition colors in between each of those main colors for a total of ten colors. I started out layering and when i felt good on that i then ran glazes using those colors to blend. I also painted with the idea of light coming from the top right hand side of the figures.

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