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Thread: trying this painting lark again

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    Those with the Eki rust idea and you’ve got a total package Gone too far gone too far -HOGWASH ITS NEVER TOOFAR !!! Lololll Naruke Dane looks great -after the sponge trick you can gonin with very tight and extremely thin lines diff lengths and in diff directions - just another way to use thespinge trick in tandem with a brush the both used together look very believable it’s an ork not a high class Eldar sissy!!! Great job ninetheless just carry some of the damage over to the boots as horn hinted st and your in !!!!

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    Nice work. A bit of rust or dirt around the metals on his boots I reckon

    I'd also (I know it's at a late stage in the painting) be tempted to drill out the gun barrel
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    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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    This is coming together wonderfully!! shading is beautiful, and the weathering is really pulling it together. Im with BaM, keep it coming!

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    thanks for all the comments and tips.

    I have taken then on board, added some dirt and rust to his boots also some dabs of rest elsewhere. I attempted to drill the gun but found it a bit tricky this late in the game.

    So yes I'm calling him done now. for a warm up piece to get my eye in again im happy with how he turned out. learned a few new things along the way. im looking forward to starting my next mini now,

    anyway hers some snaps of the finished chap.

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    Looks great! I love it. Nice contrasts between the pants, leather, metals and skin.

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