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    Smile Kickstarter, The Walking Dead: No Sanctuary

    Hi, I'm pleased to share this awesome kickstarter from Cryptozoic, The Walking Dead: No Sanctuary. It's based off the AMC series The Walking Dead. I apologize I should have posted this sooner, just been very busy. But there are still 2 1/2 days left to join up. It is funded and the backing tiers were restructured recently to give more value to backers. Recently the Governor and Morgan (with a staff) figures were unlocked, and I'm really hoping we can get Riot Gear Glenn and Michonne's pet walkers unlocked too. I think it's totally worth checking out:

    The game design looks intriguing, designed by brothers Adam and Brady Sadler. The figures are exceptional, and capture the actors in iconic poses from the series. I was really impressed how well they came out.
    I was honored to paint some of the masters for Cryptozoic for their booths at San Diego Comic Con and Gen Con 2016. As a huge fan of the series both on AMC and in graphic novel incarnation, this is a really exciting project!

    Also check it out, this is so cool! The very talented actors Andrew Lincoln (Rick) and Norman Reedus (Daryl), with two of the miniatures I painted! I believe they were gifted the ones with the larger clear bases. How totally awesome of them is that? I can die happy now

    In update#3 if you scroll down there is an animated gif spinning the resin masters so it's easier to see the sculpts:

    I posted some photos I took of the miniatures I painted here, (please don't burn me at the stake, my photos don't do these figures justice!):

    Come join an awesome kickstarter!
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    Adding some more temptation, copy pasting over from the comments section:

    The exclusive KS pieces (thanks Greg M) currently:
    1.) 5 new tiles plus a scenario where you fight the Governor.
    2.) Motorcycle Daryl + his Ride scenario
    3.) the Governor playable character
    4.) vision of Lori
    5.) 10 crawler mini's
    6.) Sasha playable character
    7.) Morgan playable character

    Stevie’s list of minis
    Motorcycle Daryl (KSE)
    Lori (KSE)
    Governor (Social Goal KSE)
    Vision of Lori (Social Goal KSE)
    Sasha (Stretch Goal KSE)
    Morgan (Stretch Goal KSE)
    Riot Gear Glenn (Stretch Goal KSE)
    Michonne's Pets (Stretch Goal KSE)
    Amy (Iconic Civilian)
    Sophia (Iconic Civilian)
    Miguel (Iconic Civilian)
    Dr. Jenner (Iconic Civilian)
    Walker Shane (Better Angels)
    Male City Walkers
    Female City Walkers
    Gas Mask Walkers
    Fire Walkers
    Riot Gear Walkers
    Crawling Walkers (Social Goal KSE)
    Vatos Rivals
    Dave's Crew Rivals
    Prisoner Rivals
    Rival Generals (KSE)
    Rick in hospital gown (KSE)!!!

    (edited to add the updated Days Gone Bye goal met -mini of Rick in hospital gown & scenario based on that timeframe. Interestingly the designers mentioned they were toying with making this scenario like a prequel to the game, so should be interesting to play through!)

    A fun poll to see what people want…

    Updated pledge calculator (thanks Stevie) includes unlocked mini counts…
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    YES! Riot Gear Glenn unlocked! Also just adding for the curious, the KSE scenarios won't be included in the retail version of the game.

    So excited! C'mon walker pets!

    And... Michonne's walker pets are now unlocked!

    Cryptozoic has added some new SG's, well walkers (neat!) and a miniature of Dale's RV! (totally awesome!) along with game mechanics for both.
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    And only $2.5 K to go to unlock Dale's RV. My wife is super happy about this KS... and I'm letting her paint everything in it... (mainly because I'll still be in paint wasteland of Massive Darkness when these come in).

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    DALE'S RV UNLOCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *cheers!!* Awesome Grayfax!!

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