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    I note in the 2nd tide rules it seems you roll once for the kraken multiple attack and apply the result too each zone.
    There appears to be debate for the original game if its a roll for each zone (as shown in one of the design team video) or just once and apply to each zone.
    Which is correct ?

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    I always thought it was more to do each individually, so tense as you go through your squares and theirs

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    Yes thats the way we play it now - but looks like 2nd tide does play it one roll for all zones, so made me question the original game.

    We played a brilliant Bone Devils vs my new Mazu Faction last night, the Kraken appearred 4 times!! and the first 3 times was into the depths - is was blast just kept poppng up grabbing heroes then dragging them --well "into The Depths"

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