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Thread: WoK in SE Michigan

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    Default WoK in SE Michigan

    I hope to gather a few players with interest in Dark Age or Wrath of Kings at RIW Hobbies in Livonia about 5-5:30pm on Wednesday August 10. Any takers?

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    We had a handful of guys down recently, and it'd be great to keep that rolling. Sharing here in case anyone wants to drop by for a game.
    I plan to be there Wednesday, August 17, about 5-5:30 or so (depends on work). Swing on by!

    RIW Hobbies
    29571 5 Mile Rd
    Livonia, MI 48154

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    I will be in at RIW again tomorrow, Aug 24, Naiser in tow. Who is game?

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    The gang will be at RIW Wednesday, Aug 31, about 5:30. Anyone welcome to join.

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    Great night. We had both WoK and Dark Age going on, and 8 guys total. Next week!

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    Getting my pelegarth bloodmasks ready for some battle. Also threw in the unmasked and Tagil.
    Name:  bloodmasks.jpg
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    Previously finished the ashmen, along with Heska and the blind hakar
    Name:  ashmen.jpg
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    Angling for a game tonight at RIW. Drop by if youre in the area.

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    I plan to be at RIW tomorrow, Wednesday Sept 14. Will have my Naiser and would love to play YOU a game.

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    Name:  14292468_10207608523397349_5596226445979697696_n.jpg
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    Some shots of a Wednesday game.

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    We'll have games of WoK going on at RIW this Saturday, staring about noonish. Drop in for a game.

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    Some shots from Saturday. We had one each of Naiser, Goritsi, Hadross, and Shael Han.

    Name:  14344973_10207629827409936_7125245446268944283_n.jpg
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    Ive got my Naiser packed up and wil be at RIW tonight. Looking for games.

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    Finished up the fel hammers and howls. Just need a seal. Moving in to some specialists next. Probably longhorns and rathors.
    Name:  14449909_10207686904396825_2832317034501652345_n.jpg
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    I think them fel hammers are looking for a game Wednesday night, 9/28, at RIW.

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    Scored a Skirmish game vs Hadross this week. Resonate sure don't seem weaker.

    Having just painted up fel hammers, I brought them.
    Unmasked (ac)
    5x fel hammers

    2x howls
    8x bloodmasks

    Blind Hakar

    He had a ton of spearmen, 2 kaxes, 4 jellyfish + leader, 2 crabs, 2 deepcallers.

    We both played Unstoppable Force. I got off to an early, strong lead. Up 8-4 at one point. He swung it back hard in a key turn where I went for his leaders and flubbed alot. The last round started 3-2 and ended 1-0 in my favor on morale. He felt bad about his force. Id heavily attritioned out a good chunk of his force early, and failed wills took 1-2 fel hammers and lost a wound on a couple more besides. Frankly, I think he hot a negative vibe early and didn't look at the whole game. A few bad rolls from him made the Blind Hakar super sick, taking out a Kaxes with a Retaliation Vengeance strike. He thought that was broken. Apparently it is, because I was wrong on that rule.

    Action shots
    Name:  14523006_10207718606509358_6003646810850417002_n.jpg
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    Name:  14522764_10207718832114998_230555005107597293_n.jpg
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    We'll have WoK games tonight at RIW.

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    We'll be playing WoK on Wednesday, October 19, at RIW. See you about 5:30ish with my Naiser!

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    I'll be out of town this week, but I hope everyone enjoys some WoK games Wednesday at RIW!

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    Hooray for demo games! RIW has WoK players on Tuesdays again!
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    Played two games today. A battle and a skirmish, both vs my buddy's Hadross. Game 1 he had Unstoppable Force and played his leaders forward. I had a bunch of brutes and fel hammers, and faildiced, giving him lots of rolls to dock my Morale. But getting first go the last two turn let me fold both flanks and score my Burn it Down. Especially round 4. I dropped to zero, but swung his Morale 9 points, from 5 to -4. So win. I was down until that big swing (scored 3 objectives, killed few leaders and chumps). We knew that you didnt lose at 0 Morale until end of round. Didnt know you could go to negatives. [br][br]Game 2 he went Loot n Plunder vs my long horns, Bloodchild, and ashman horde. He had deepmen guardians and nephodus, so taxi crap came a turn too late for him to massively swing my morale. I was able to Escort Civilians over two turns, plus snipe leaders to win 4-0.
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