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Thread: sturmpanzer vs MT1

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    Default sturmpanzer vs MT1

    Hello all!

    I've played my second game of Rivet Wars, and we used the Sturmpanzer and the MT-1.
    The issue I have is that it seemed unbalanced with those units, as the MT1 has less power vs the Sturmpanzer than the sturmpanzer has vs the MT1, so the sturmpanzer killed the MT1 and then there was nothing that could kill it...

    Is there some technique that I failed to see?


    P.S: I only have the base game

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    Strategy. If oppo brings on the Sturmpanzer then bring on the rocket cycles or add the chainsaw turret to the Ostrich. Did you need to kill the Panzer? You generally don't have to to win, take the objectives instead.

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    I think The panzer was in the middle of the map and took an objective very quickly: there were 2 places to get victory points. He had one of them and had some advance on the points, so I lost.
    But I'll try to remember that next game I play

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    Aaaaaaaahhhhh... I did not know that! I need to re-read the rules, then! Now it makes much more sense!
    Thaaaaanks! :-)

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    A couple of things.

    roll wise the Sturmpanzer is geared towards fighting 3 Rivet units like the MT-1
    The MT1 is geared towards clearing 1 and 2 Rivet units like infantry.
    so a battle between the two is already stacked against the MT1 but it's not hopeless.
    To have a chance you need to have the "Hacksaw turret"

    Against the MT1 the Sturmpanzer can do a reliable max of 2 damage per turn out to a range of 2(6 dice total). Adding the 'Der Cyclops' turret does nothing against the MT1.

    Pros for the MT1
    -the MT1 should almost always get the first shot with it's Rapid Assault ability.
    -with an added Hacksaw turret it is possible, but unlikely to "one shot" the Sturmpanzer.
    -Upgraded with a Hacksaw turret you can spit out 4 attacks with 7 dice total and 3 of those attacks are 2 dice (which is the best the allies can do against 3 rivet armor)
    First to shoot usually wins

    If you don't have the hacksaw turret don't engage alone. Leave him to the Rocket Cycles or support the Rocket Cycles by removing threatening Pazerfaust guys.

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