Foxtail's Ongoing Painting Journey
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Thread: Foxtail's Ongoing Painting Journey

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    Default Foxtail's Ongoing Painting Journey

    Hi all!

    I'm a long time lurker on CMoN, but a very recent member due to getting back into painting after a few years away.

    I don't consider myself a particularly good painter and I'm having to slowly relearn the ropes again. So I'm going to inflict my ongoing WIPs on you all and leech off of your collective wisdom.

    At the minute I have a few Warhammer Age of Sigmar minis to work through. I've just finished a Ork (Orruk?) Megaboss and have a Sylvaneth Drycha Hamadreth to tackle.
    To get ready for that beast I've been toying with a Branchwych. Trying a few different techniques that I hope to transfer over to the larger model.

    Name:  Branchwych - 1.jpg
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    I went for a wintery, silver-birch, sort of look. The darker summer look tends to be a little too 'brown' for me and I thought this would be a bit more distinct. Above is with all the shading and progressive highlights done, working the skin/bark up from a medium brown to 50/50 light grey / light brown mix.

    Name:  Branchwych - 2.jpg
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    From there I furthered the highlights with some thinned down white and took to work on the blade. I'm unsure about the highlights on the blade shaft, but I've seen similar work quite well elsewhere.

    Just the final highlights on the skin and grub-thing, and some details and neatening up to do. Toying with the idea of applying some glow from the blade as well, would love to hear whether people think it would be worth it.

    I'm looking forward to taking on Drycha's gribbly back

    Name:  Drycha.jpg
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    Welcome Foxtail.

    Looks good so far. I like how the blade looks at the moment. In my opinion, I'd add more glow to the green in the Branchwych to really give it a reanimated feel.

    Looking forward to future posts.


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    Welcome to the forum. Looks like you are off to a good Start.

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    Hey Foxy...there is something about that Branchwych mini...cant really put my finger on what though...was looking at picking one up to see what I could do with is myself. Think there are potentially some great basing options to go compliment it.

    Whoever is sculpting for GW at the moment has definately been watching too much Pans Labyrinth. There is a definate hint of the Fawn about this and those Tzeentch sorcerers are ringers for the Pale man.

    Anyway welcome along...great start...great group of people here, very helpful and you'll get some really handy advice hopefully.

    Look forward to seeing what you have to show us next.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hairster View Post
    Whoever is sculpting for GW at the moment has definately been watching too much Pans Labyrinth. There is a definate hint of the Fawn about this and those Tzeentch sorcerers are ringers for the Pale man.
    You can never get enough Guillermo del Toro. I'm still waiting on some GW Kaiju (Tyranids perhaps).

    My work on the branchwych has stalled slightly while I tackle a couple of large AoS Orruk commissions. I'm getting some good practice at painting green skin and boars.

    Name:  Boar3.jpg
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    Savage Orruk Boars. Half of these are finished, the other halves basecoated, and the riders still to do.

    Name:  Boar.jpg
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    And these ironjawz are getting along nicely.

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    Aaaaaaannddd, Savage Orruk Shaman. Basecoated and waiting for highlights.

    Name:  ShamanFront.jpg
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Size:  167.0 KBName:  ShamanBack.jpg
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    I would love to spend a good amount of time on this mini, I reckon you could do some impressive things with it. Unfortunately I've got another 23 savages and a cohort of Ironjawz to finish.


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    Well, after a few very long nights I managed to get both commissions finished. Unfortunately I didn't manage to get any pictures before I sent them off, due to a combination of tiredness and poor lighting at 2 o'clock in the morning

    Nevertheless, back onto the Sylvaneth! The branchwych is now finished.

    Name:  FrontLow.jpg
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    I followed Captain927's advice on the gylphs, but after a few botched attempts at glazing I ended up just airbrushing it in. The layers had built up enough that I struggled to get anything to look smooth.

    On to Drycha, at last...

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    Hi Fox....great to see your take on this as I progress with mine. Have to say the glowing glyphs are going to prove a challenge for me too I think...and I don't have an airbrush to fall back on.

    love the bleak colour palette on yours and tundra like basing.

    Keep us up to date on the big honey comb caked Drycha as he develops

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    Nice. I really like the blade and it gives a neat contrast to the main mini.

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    Cheers guys!

    Got a start on Drycha. I'm planning to go with an autumn theme for this sylvaneth; plenty of browns, oranges and reds, but very little green. Since it's going to be a very warm colour scheme, I'm going to go with a very cool blue for the spirit at the centre, as opposed to the warmer turquoise in the 'eavy metal version. This should provide a good chunk of contrast in what will be an otherwise fairly monotone mini.

    Name:  DrychaSpiritWIP1.jpg
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    Kicked it off with a dark blue zenithal highlight over blue-black, this should give some variation once I start layering lighter blues and whites. I might have started a little too dark, but I want a lot of contrast on the spirit as it's going to generate some OSL on the main body. I toyed with the idea of painting her inverted, with whites in the shadows and dark blues at the highlight points, but under normal lighting this would probably even out to an ugly grey. Maybe some Vallejo Fluo paint would work.

    Name:  DrychaBodyWIP1.jpg
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Size:  247.8 KBName:  DrychaBodyWIP2.jpg
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Size:  309.8 KB
    For the base, I cut a chunk out and mounted some thin plasticard on some spacers underneath, raised up the model one layer of cork sheet and filled in the rises with Vallejo Stone Effect. Chuck in some slate, greenstuff rocks to match the model's and various grades of sand.
    Once this was all dried/set I primed the model black and chucked a simple white zenithal highlight on top. Brown basecoat goes on tomorrow!

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    Not very much progress this week due to the arrival of a Deathwatch Librarian and my first ever knight kit, so I've been spending a lot of time building and magnetising the largest model I've ever owned. I've managed to magnetise everything, down to individual faceplates and the shoulder shield thing.
    Name:  Parts.jpg
Views: 1486
Size:  326.5 KBBag of armour on the right, bag of soon-to-be metallic bits on the left, Secret Weapon base at the bottom with a piece of dowel destined to become a shattered column.

    Name:  WIP1.jpg
Views: 1580
Size:  277.5 KBLibby's face is most of the way there. I tried to go for a back-glow effect, but it needs neatening up drastically.

    Name:  DrychaBodyWIP3.jpg
Views: 2843
Size:  335.7 KBDrycha has her base coat on. That is all...

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    Been a while! And while I don't get many replies on this thread, hopefully the pictures are keeping a few people entertained for a minute or two. I'll keep painting on regardless

    Drycha is on semi-permanent hiatus. I make the odd bit of progress here and there but I need to build up some motivation to get her done. In the meantime I've been working on the Imperial Knight.
    The metal parts are finished, the armour has been enamel-shaded to give it a nice worn effect and will dry for a couple of days before I can varnish it and begin highlighting and paint the base.

    Name:  Parts2.jpg
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Size:  370.9 KB

    and dry-fit...
    Name:  WIP mockup.jpg
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    Hi Foxtail,

    Just catching up with all of your previous posts. Lots of good looking models and the glow of the Branchwych looks the part. Looks like you have made some significant progress on the Imperial Knight. It looks great so far. Hopefully it wont take long to get back to the Drycha.


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    Cheers Cap! I'll try and get back to her sometime, but have a fair few things, including a few more Orruks as a commission, to finish.

    Name:  Legs done.jpg
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    The bottom half of the Knight is finished. Decided to try my hand at a few scratches and am pretty pleased with how they turned out. Just the top and arms to finish.

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    The knight is looking pretty impressive so far.

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    Cheers Krule! Hoping to have it finished this week.

    As I mentioned above I have another Orruk commission to do alongside my other projects, the central figure of which is a Weirdnob Shaman. I spent a bit of extra time on him to get the model up slightly above tabletop standard.

    Name:  Shaman Top.jpg
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Size:  136.6 KBName:  Shaman Front.jpg
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Size:  159.7 KBName:  Shaman Left.jpg
Views: 1466
Size:  127.1 KBName:  Shaman Back.jpg
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    Looks great
    1. 'Painting is a companion with whom one may hope to walk a great part of life's journey.' W. Churchill
    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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    I have been busy as of late and somehow missed your WIP thread Foxtail. This is a shame because you are quite the talented painter! Your pictures of these GW minis is really making me want to tackle some in the near future. Keep up the great work and I will be looking forward to seeing more of your work in the future!

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    I'm all about the greenies!!! Nice job on the smoke eh!!!! Still I'm really looking forward to that knight ! I love watching talents paint up such big models. Tip my hat to you young man!!!

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    Thanks guys, truly humbled by your attention!

    I've finished the rest of the Orruks (no decent pictures I'm afraid) so my attention is fully back on the Knight. Progress inbound.

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