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Thread: Foxtail's Ongoing Painting Journey

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    EDIT: Dreadnought is on the previous page, just in case anyone misses it

    And the Stormwolf

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    If anyone would lie some details on the snow, I spent a long time trying to get the mix right!
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    That came out great!!
    It's only a flesh wound!!!

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    I agree with Webmonkey, the work you did here is very impressive! Almost enough to make me want to paint and play 40k again

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    I haven't played in forever. Not much in the way of good gaming places around here. Plus, I'm more on the painter side of the hobby anyway.
    It's only a flesh wound!!!

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    No, I haven't played for over a decade either. That said, I only got back into painting about a year ago as well.

    Cheers guys. Updates on the Nurgle lord soon

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    Completely in love of that power axe!! Specially contrasting it with the blue grey of the armour plates, it shines by itself!
    Stormwolf or whatever that spaceship is called looks very cool too, and the snow on both bases looks like if it would be starting to melt.
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    Wow these came out amazing, but only cause they are space wolves. Hehehe
    My WIP -
    "Screw paint by numbers, that garbage is for kids. Paint by BAM, now that's the way to go
    ." -Me-

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    Maenas - Thanks very much! I did try and put a little bit extra into the power axe and shield.
    Digga - Cheers bud! I am sick to death of grey-blue now. I'm binning the paint once I'm done with these wolves!

    Nurgley update!

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    I've dulled him down with a very light coat of matte varnish, just so I can see what I'm doing. Not sure whether to push up to an acid green to brighten him up a bit, or try my hand at painting shiny white highlights, but I'm really not sure how I would do that. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

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    Looking good so far, the converted bits look cool now there's some paint on, like it was part of the mini all along, for the highlights I'm not sure about acid green, for me the more desaturated greens look better imo, with that in mind I'd maybe try mixing some light grey in or pallid witch flesh. For that shiny armour look i don't have much experience myself but i remember asking persifal about it when he was doing the deathwatch marines, he has a few tips here and some examples to try and adapt to green

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    Nurgle dude is going to look great, I'm sure! When I'm thinking what you're thinking, I usually start with some ultra fun, ultra inspiring CMoN searches!

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    First thing I did Toad! Wish I'd looked before I started because I would have done things differently. Nevermind, live and learn. Plenty there to inspire me ahead, but it looks like I'll be forging my own technique for Death Guard armour!

    Sicks, you're totally right about the acid green, it wouldn't have been a good idea. That link to Persifal's thread is awesome (and saved) and I've taken your advice about desaturating the highlights.

    Decided shiny was the way to go. It's not looking bad for a first attempt at this kind of painting, but I'm pleased I get to cover up the flaws with nurgle blemishes. Should have started painting from black rather than brown as I've had to go back and add more shade to account for the bright highlights.
    I definitely need more practice at highlight placement. I'll get some pictures up tomorrow when I've had a chance to neaten him up a bit. I'm looking forward to putting some of BaM's weathering techniques that I've bookmarked to use.

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    Haven't neatened him up yet. Photos definitely have a habit of showing up flaws.

    Thinking I might tone everything down with a heavy glaze of the medium green. Or alternatively spray everything black and work up from scratch again, taking more care on highlight placement.
    Definitely in a fix here, as always any advice is good advice!

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    There's no need to restart imo, your placement is good so it's just the tidying, i think the white shines would look better if they were thin but what you've got is a good base to work from, if it were me I'd use very thin glazes of the green (barely even noticeable) and slowly built up a fade to the white, try and leave a thin line untouched (do one side of the line at a time if you need to since sometimes glazes like to bleed across small gaps) and also fade the end of the line too, decide where the light is hitting each part, this should be the lightest spot, and fade very slightly from there depending on how far you want the light to travel down the line. I think the one on the butt should be much smaller, it looks like much of the torso overhangs it so i would do a smaller line with the whitest part on the bottom edge. Also I'm not sure about the one on the bottom of the pointing arm, in some of the pictures it looks like it's on a downward facing piece, maybe use the part where it's by the wrist as the end but have the line run parallel to the wrist guard or forearm armed ( the unpainted outside piece, not sure what you'd call it)

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    I think Sicks's advice is spot on, especially the part about trying to improve this work rather than starting over. I think it's looking very promising (and good already!). The shiny style suits the more Gothic looks of this armor very well, as does the dark, sort of SkeletteS-looking color gradient. I wish I could pull that off!

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    Go Nurgle That's looking good so far Fox.

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    The finished Space Wolves stuff is top notch Foxtail...think I said it before but it's a refreshingly different take on the standard GW vehicle look. You should be very pleased with the results.

    i agree with the above posts...looks a great start...just a case of pushing yourself to refine those blends.

    Probably not the approach I would have taken but I think this will produce far more dramatic results than the 'make it look like it's just been fished from the bottom of the sea after 200yrs' approach I tend to favour

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    Doing reflective armor on a nurgle dude isn't something IDE try!!! Lol but this is your wip and you've done it at these stages quite well. That said I think toning down or knocking it back where the highlights and shades are unified is a great idea and one IDE do at this point. Rem no mater what - highlighting , shading , reflective lines etc etc ID your gonna tone down or brighten up its always best to try it on a small piece see how it is then commit. Maybe the back lower torso would be a good test piece. It also can take several glazes to intensify and make things uniform. IDE start with 2 thin glazes each one dry. Then see do you need a third etc etc. all this can be figured out before moving onto the rest. but it is a damn good job on what you were after.

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    I like the shiny armor idea and you've painted it great so far!

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    Cheers everyone. The support has been fantastic and is the reason I love this forum. I have taken all the advice on board.

    Hairster, BaM; just because you're a 10,000 year old, pustule covered, mass of disease ridden flesh, it doesn't mean you can't spit-shine your armour! Everything will get knocked back with the weathering eventually, but I thought I'd take the approach of paint him clean, then dirty him up.

    I've reduced the highlights and tinted the armour towards a more sickly green with some medium brown glazes. The lower back, back of the thighs and wrists have bee redone. And I'm trying to make him shiny, but not "reflective" shiny. Will post some photos when I'm a little happier with him.

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