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Thread: Foxtail's Ongoing Painting Journey

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    Looks like you have a great foundation there Fox, amazing the difference a matt coat and some base washes can make.

    Basic colouration looks great though, plenty of variety ther to get your teeth into. Good Luck....don't get scale blind!

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    No real updates on the Maw-Krusha. It's got a few minor things that are getting neatened up from the airbrushing before I start the highlights.

    Base-wise, this is what happens when your water effects are too thick and it's really warm

    Name:  IMG_1147.JPG
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    And after a thin coat on top

    Name:  IMG_1148.JPG
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    Another couple of thin coats and it'll barely be noticeable. With hindsight, on a base this size I should have used a different kind of resin.

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    It'll be fixed in no time as you said!!! Still a solid attempt at the water. Great job bud!!!

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    Hey Fox, this is belated but fantastic work on the base and Maw Krusha thus far! I'm curious about the pigments you used on the base. Which brand or product did you use? I have been thinking I should get some one day and recommendations would be much appreciated. I look forward to seeing your progress with the water as well. I want to try using some water effects one day so seeing your work is inspirational.

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    wow... I hope you can solve that issue... on the other hand you have discovered a new way of doing cracked ice... xP
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    Hi Kuribo. Most of the pigments are from Vallejo, but I had to make some from scratch because the right colours weren't available.
    I bought a pack of coloured pastels that I grind up to use. Since pastels are just pigment bound together, they are great for a variety of colours.

    Update on the water: all going horribly wrong

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    Looking great so far, and I empathise with the water. Was it the acrylic stuff? Had it happen once to me and I used some water texture gel to fill the cracks. Took a while but seemed to work okay.
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    Cheers Quiarcus. It's vallejo clear water, so whatever that is!

    The really fine cracks under the rocks you can see in the pictures above seem to be getting worse with every layer. I'm not sure what could cause it as I'm putting on really thin layers now.
    If I can't get it looking good now, I'm going to hid it with reeds and some of the vallejo sculptable water, like you suggested. Which would involve buying a tub of the stuff, which I'm not thrilled about.

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    Yeah, the Vallejo stuff is acrylic i believe. They're great for shallow pours but go too deep and it does that. I ended up using the gel and filling the gaps only, scraping excess away with a card as if I were grouting so as to get the whole thing smooth and level again. Best of luck either way!

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    It kind of reminds me of cracking ice, I know you didn't plan for this, but I may have to try this out for a winter scene base.

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    What else do you have planned for the scene? Maybe the parts you cannot adequately fix could be hidden by some scenic element (vegetation, foam, bubbles, etc.).

    Nice work, too!

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    mmmm I am thinking on the pigments... what did you used to fix them? maybe that is interfering with the proper cure of the water effects... ?
    The idea that @Quiarcus suggests looks like a good plan... but check for what I am asking first, as if you used a spirit fixer for the pigments maybe it is interfering with the curing process of the acrylic water (just guessing, I do not have a clue if that may happen)
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    @Maenas - It's possible that a chemical reaction is upsetting it (maybe someone more knowledgeable could wade in on that), but it looks very similar to the spoil I had. Seems that it looses volume as it cures and the surface gets pulled apart in the process, hence why most of them advise doing shallow pours is suppose.

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    The big cracks were the heat I think, it's been very warm here the last couple of weeks. The pigments were set with surgical spirit, and the first layers of water effects went over them alright.

    Soooooo, bad news. White tac is not an appropriate sealing material.

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    It tore one side away completely and left the other side very gunky.

    So this base has been scrapped, thankfully there's a spare. Going to not let this despair me so I'm coming up with a better plan and a cooler base.

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    Would it be possible to shave/grind of a rim and stick a solid rim to that to make up for the lost circumference? You wouldn't get the look-through effect, but still might look cool.
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    Ah man sorry to hear it Fox. But good for you keeping your head up. You got this!

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    Damn, was loving how this one was coming along - but the level of quality is a good indicator that this next one will be even better!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Replica View Post
    ../this next one will be even better!
    What a pity.... but I exactly though what Replica says so don't despair!
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    Keep it up! For everything that goes wrong, there is a lesson learned, which only leads to improvement!

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