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Thread: Foxtail's Ongoing Painting Journey

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    Outstanding painting + color choice. I really like it!!!

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    Thank you all so much! Your support keeps me motivated!
    Kuribo, definitely a bit of a departure from my usual style. Still feeling my way around different styles until I find one to settle into.

    Little dude is well on his way!
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    Not sure yet how I’m going to tackle the head, I almost never shade down. I usually work up from the darkest colour. All I know is that it’ll be purpley.

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    This little dude looks fantastic, I love that cloak...

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    You got this matey!!! Looks bamgarang-hard work pays off!!!

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    CC, BaM, you’re both heroes!

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    This one’s pretty much there, until I decide to touch a few things up at the end.

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    You're progressing in high speed + quality - keep going.

    and btw... seems like BaM has watched Hook recently... BANGARANG! :-D

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    This one looks great! It has been fun seeing you work on these Genestealers and size matters not! The little guy looks as good as the bigger one in my opinion and of course, they will look awesome next to each other when done

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    That head looks crazy nice. These are really looking good.

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    Wooooooow -talk about messing up my game !!!

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    That's really cool paintjob Really neat and detailed

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    This is just an exceptional piece Fox.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Graishak View Post
    and btw... seems like BaM has watched Hook recently... BANGARANG! :-D

    Thanks for the kind words guys. It’s been a difficult week to try fit some hobby time in, and that looks set to continue for a while sadly. I’m going to try and finish off this guy this week though, here’s how it stands at the moment.

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    Thing to do: nmm hammer, repaint pimples, tidy up flesh on back, repaint sides of head on the big guy.

    EDIT: oh, and the base!

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    Having to wait to paint is a bummer, especially when the project looks this good! I'll be waiting patiently for more updates

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    The skin and armour colours are totally awesome.

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    awesome work, really like that little dude face !
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    They look awesome those stealer models especially the big ones. Cracking job

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    I really like the big bopper. The mix of human and aberrant is great.

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    These guys are looking great! Loving the skin and orange robes.

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    Wonderful beutiful sensational!!!!

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    Thanks guys! This one is nearing completion now, just in time for some new orks!

    I tried to get a galvanised metal look to the hammerhead, to give it a more industrial look. The rust will be getting some pigments applied to try and increase the realism.

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    And got the bulk of the base done. The copper piping needs a black ink shade to differentiate the different elements and the beige plating has just been based and shaded with plenty left to do.

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