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Thread: Foxtail's Ongoing Painting Journey

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    Awesome work, I love your style

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    Wow, that's some excellent painting. Love how and where you place your shadows and highlights.



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    Wow... I would go nuts painting that base this detailed. Colour insanity! What a dedication.

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    Great job all around! The detail of that base is gorgeous.

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    Bangarang bro. Looking good.
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    Wow...that base has some beaitiful blending. Very nice work.

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    Great looking bases. They match the minis great so they cone with the box or do you buy them separately?

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    Nice sharp painting
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    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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    Thanks everyone, honoured to have you all stopping by. Canny, they’re separate bases, the Sector Imperialis base set.

    This project will be finished tomorrow! I promise!

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    Loving the cultist Foxtail, I really like the colours you've chosen and how you've used them too. Really good

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    Cheers Siggy! I’d be lying if I said I’d planned the colour use in advance.

    He’s finished! Low quality iPhone photos inbound!

    Name:  DEF5F889-2586-45F3-8CA9-D581DA7E9712.jpeg
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    Name:  FA3731FE-883A-47D8-B63F-FEC8D5526EFF.jpeg
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    Name:  31C5875E-8E72-46A8-81CD-FB3E0065D248.jpeg
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    Name:  150EDC84-8640-46F9-AC1A-7E60239FBC26.jpeg
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    Genuinely really pleased with him. The photos look a little chalky though.

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    Superb painting and the positioning of the figures make them tell a story.

    Have nice weekend,


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    Awesome job Fox! This looks perfect!!!

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    Top-notch work as usual! Will I be given the chance to vote on these two here on CMON in the near future?

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    Turned out great Fox, was dubious about the sculpt of the little guy on this model but he really works when added into the group.

    Your galvanised metal texture really works well as does the coil glow on the hammer. Excellent stuff mate....what’s next?

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    Thanks guys! The support on this one has been really encouraging.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kuribo View Post
    Top-notch work as usual! Will I be given the chance to vote on these two here on CMON in the near future?
    Hey man. I need to take some better pictures of the mini, then I can get him up on the site.

    Hairster, I’m not sure about what’s next. For the first time in a long time there’s nothing I really want to paint. I might use this time to get through some of the backlog. And I’m fairly sure Kuribo will cross the Atlantic to kill me if I dont do some of the Inquisitor retinue.

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    Dude looks awesome! I gotta pick this set up soon, it's calling to me

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    Wow, the colour choices work sooooo well, and the technical quality of the painting leaves nothing to be desired. Get pictures so we can vote!

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    For some reason goonies never say die! Looks like chunk has a friend! Out standing work buddy!

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