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Thread: Foxtail's Ongoing Painting Journey

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    Nice job on that Ork shaman! I like the way you did the blue cloth. It's a very distinct look with the just the bright highlights while keeping the rest fairly dark. Really stands out.

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    Thanks Octavian! With the light skin tone and the large surface area of the cloak I thought that going light across the whole thing would make the whole model too light, and going dark would push the whole thing too dark, so I opted for somewhere in the middle :P

    Finally got back to the Knight and got the body finished off over the last couple of evenings.
    Name:  BodyDoneFront.jpg
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    Went a little bit OTT with the scratches on the top of the carapace, but I guess this knight could have just been in combat with a flock of extremely annoyed seagulls. Also, a fun fact I never knew, the cowling above its head rotates along with the head, which explains why I could never work out where it attached to the body when I was dry-fitting it.

    Just all the weapons to go now.

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    Just popped in to see your knight, was not disappointed its really cool seeing all the parts painted and laid out together, I'll have to come back for reference

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    OOh yah good call on the ork. and your knight is looking awesome. The blue really pops and looks real smooth.

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    Thanks guys. Much appreciated!

    The Knight is now finished and up in my gallery

    Name:  IMG_0096.JPG
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    On to something a lot smaller!


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    Ecxllent voted

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    Thanks BAM for the (incredibly) generous vote! Always much appreciated.

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    excellent work. Though, for more realism,.. I wonder if the scratches wouldn't look better in metal, rather than light blue. (just my two cents)
    It's only a flesh wound!!!

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    Cheers Webmonkey. The scratches were a bit of a spur of the moment thing when I was painting the armour on the legs. I'd always intended the knight to look fairly 'clean', minus the obvious heavy oil shading, but the armour sections were looking like the needed breaking up a little. My plan with the scratches was just that it scratched the paintwork, not right through to the metal underneath, to prevent it looking too heavily weathered.

    I might have gone a little overboard with them and you're certainly right, some of the larger ones could use a metallic streak down the middle. If the big guy doesn't sell on eBay I'll grab him back out and touch them up. Cheers for the advice!

    EDIT: I just re-read that and I talk like I know what I'm doing; I really don't. I honestly do appreciate any advice from the painters here and I'll definitely act on it if I get the chance. I don't want to come across like I think I know better.
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    Hello Foxtail!
    Coming here to watch, comment and support after reading some comments on other threads and after reading your WIP ^^
    I like the grimmy darkened areas on the knight. That orc shaman was also great!
    WIP thread. / Cmon Gallery / Instagram

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    No worries fox. I'm in the same boat as you. Despite the amount of time I've been here and been painting,.. compared to most of these guys, I'm a total hack!!! It just looks like I know what I'm doing. Most of the time,.. I'm just making things up as I go.
    It's only a flesh wound!!!

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    Nice and voted. I did like it better without the svratches, but the paint skill still shows through.

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    Nobody thinks that at all fox.we all offer out comments but remember the vision you have in your head ,the storyline the background that you've imagined are all yours and we all know this,me ,webmonkey,krule most of the time we have what we envision but you've created what you've envisioned and each of us know it's never better,worse,but more of what we imagined on top of what you've imagined.see that's the great thing about it,technically we all can improve ,every one of us,but things like scratches that have just hit a layer of paint (maybe termagant harpies were assalting it, or a black line with a light line under it which is a heavier more severely damaged carapace...either way it's great because it's your artwork with what you've imagined,envisioned and created.we can never fault you for that...some people ask me to do cleaner pieces but that's taking away from the world I've created ONTOP OF THE WORLD GW HAS CREATED. You see.. :-)

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    This looks good. I'm with the above comments though about the scratches, my reasoning for it is slightly different though. They are all very uniform and a lot of them look like an "X" rather than a scratch. Tell a story with them, make them more random so rather than intersecting through the middle they are at different places. If you didn't want to go through to the metal on all of them with just the paint being affected you could put a highlight and lowlight on them to give them a bit more depth. I like the way you've gone over some of insignia but I think more of that and more on the edges would take this from being a good piece to a great piece. It's still super cool though and I love how defined it all is while it still looks used and real, nice work !
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    Awesome work, man. That smoke on the ork is excellent and the knight is looking very good as well.
    I think the overal tone of the colours you've achieved give a very good mix between a new and a weathered look but I'd have to agree on the scratches. They a bit too uniform in tone, depth, and spacing.
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    Thanks guys! I'll take on the feedback and have a go at the scratches this weekend.
    Remove a few, add shadows to others and add a metal streak to a limited number of large scratches.

    As well as that I've got an old, metal Adepta Sororitas Hospitaller I'm going to use for a bit of a painting exercise in nmm and high contrast. Stretch my painting ability and hopefully push my standard up.

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    Great idea practice never makes perfect .... But it gets you damn close !!!

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    No chance to crack the knight back out this weekend but I did make some progress with my Sister Hospitaller.

    Name:  face1.jpg
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    The photos have really accentuated the roughness of the metal model, it's nowhere near that bad in reality. It was my first time trying to paint a face to this sort of detail, but I managed to get a couple of pupils in roughly the right place (even a subtle green tinge to them ). There's a rogue white dot on her right eyelid I need to tidy up, and the forehead could do with begin a tad lighter overall, but I'm pleased with myself so far.

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    Name:  Cloth Front.jpg
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    I am incredibly unhappy with the cloth. Might have to redo it :/

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    Hi foxtail, some great looking minis here. I am often having a peek at what youve been up too for inspiration.
    Not that im qualified really but I dont think your white cloth is bad at all. My experince with painting white so far have really left a lot more to be desired....I find white very chalky to work :/

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