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Thread: Foxtail's Ongoing Painting Journey

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    What was that old McDonalds slogan....Do Do DO DO DO....IM LOVIN IT!
    My WIP -
    "Screw paint by numbers, that garbage is for kids. Paint by BAM, now that's the way to go
    ." -Me-

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    Rat boy is looking pretty sharp.

    I like the use of that matte black. I saw a Youtube video where someone painted a matchbox car with it. It was so matte it was hard to make out some of the boddy details...almost like a vissibility shield. He then tried itting it with a gloss coat and became the shiniest black I had seen. It looks to be really usefull for the shading you demonstrated on metallics. Very cool info.

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    Is that a character from the popular video game Vermintide 2? Didn't know they had models made for it.

    It's looking real good, I know you've had like 7 suggestions for the cloth so I won't give another one, but I will say I like the idea you had and hope it turns out for you.

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    Anytime matey all good in love and war. Penchant. I got it added to my word list. Penchant I dig it !!!

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    Coming along really nicely Fox, skintones look really smooth so far.

    Looking forward to seeing updates on this, particularly as I'm on rat duty myself.

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    The support round here is, as always, fantastic.

    I've not had much chance to get brush to model recently, but I've managed to dirty up the cloth somewhat.

    Name:  Verminking_Tabard2.jpg
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    I blame BaM!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Foxtail View Post
    The support round here is, as always, fantastic.

    I've not had much chance to get brush to model recently, but I've managed to dirty up the cloth somewhat.

    Name:  Verminking_Tabard2.jpg
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    I blame BaM!
    lol he does have that effect on things.

    the cloth looks great fo the added grime. much more skaveny
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    now that it’s beutiful !!! I need not say more.. ok ok ok it’s awesommmmmme!!!

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    Thanks guys, even though I covered up most of the nice blending, I‘m a lot happier with the cloth now.
    Nothing done on Dave this week. I only have a few hours at the weekends at the moment, and I can’t bring myself to start painting for such a short period.

    However, I have been planning for Constantin Valdor in the future. Metallics have never been my strong point, I struggle to get to grips with them, but I’m keen to make it a stunning TMM piece. To that end, I’ve bought a few Vallejo Liquid Gold paints.
    Now these are alcohol based and harder to work with than acrylics, they dry quick and you can’t go anywhere near them with water. But they are supposed to blend smoothly, cover easily and look great.

    I decided to test a few different metallics on some spare bitz to get an idea of what I could work with. Herein lies a bit of review.

    Name:  8CDEA13B-3455-41F3-9283-77B8264F23CF.jpeg
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    Name:  ED6E0A3B-9880-47E9-8D37-D9A86D5CD8DE.jpeg
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    Liquid Gold Gold - Metal Color Gold (airbrush) - Game Color Glorious Gold

    Ignoring the colour differences, the VGC Gold is noticeably more gritty than the other two, owing to the courser pigment. It doesn’t cover easily at all and is not as reflective in the end. Being standard acrylic though, it behaves itself when being applied by brush.

    The Metal Color is nice and smooth, and goes on beautifully with an airbrush. It’s a bit of a pain to work with by brush though since it’s so thin. It tends not to mix well either so getting a smooth gradient with it might be a challenge.

    The Liquid Gold is by far the smoothest and most realistically metal of the three (the pigment is actual metal to be fair). It is easy to brush on, and isn’t so runny that it is a nightmare to play with. Sadly, pictures don’t really get across just how good it looks.

    At the moment I’m undecided with what I’ll end up using. I have two Stormcast Knight Questors I’m going to test different mediums on before committing to Valdor. All of this after Dave though (and maybe another Inquisitor retinue member for Kuribo).

    I’m going to apply a wash to see how much they dull down and I’ll edit the verdict in here once they’ve dried.

    Name:  1A0661D1-C9FC-4978-B1DF-C3D93146CFF4.jpeg
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    Wash works great on both the VGC and Metal Color. It seems that Liquid Gold is really hydrophobic though, the wash just sticks together under its own surface tension and ends up as you can see above. I might need to varnish the liquid gold to get the model back to a surface that acrylic can adhere to. We’ll find out with the Stormcast testers.

    As an experiment, I thought I’d see exactly what water does to the liquid gold

    Name:  172B5592-716F-4D98-8A42-C4E99C8BBFE5.jpeg
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    Might actually be be useful as a weathering technique.
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    That’s really useful Fox, I’ve been meaning to try more / better metallics. Ppl swear by scale 75 metals but I’ve never used them yet. I find you can get a lot of metal paints to look good after you’ve washed them down and few layers to highlight and shade them.. I’m not happy with golds atm.. thinking of trying a different brand


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    I only have one vma metallic but it's lovely, great coverage and nice and thin straight out of a bottle, the scale 75 ones are nice but I find coverage to be an issue for base coating, after that the semi transparent nature of them is nice for pretty straight forward blending

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    Did somebody said metal!? Mr Hobby Super Metallic are the metallic paints I use, thinner base. hard to get to know them but once you have it it's really the best metallic there is!!
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    There was a guy on Instagram recently that had painted a space marine using a chrome paint pen recently and had achieved an incredible mirror like chrome finish....looked like a battlestar galactica Cylon.

    really interesting to see your experiments Fox....great info.

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    interesting stuff, they look pritty cool, loads of shine. I have not heard of these beef now. I have seen the mr hobby ones on the bohun tutorial by mini mentor, these type look very good. but im not sure im ready for the learning curve yet. one day though
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    I've not tried Scale 75 before, I do keep meaning to though. I have seen bits and pieces about the Mr Hobby metallics, they're supposed to be super reflective if you have a very smooth surface to work from. And I will certainly check out that chrome marine.

    Always experimenting. As the title says, it's an ongoing painting journey.

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    @Hairster, those are the Molotow Liquid Chrome pens. I think it only comes in the chrome though.

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    I saw that chrome marine too, it was pretty cool but it looks weird reflecting real world objects instead of what would be on the battlefield, like on the table it's going to be reflecting the ceiling and the players from the angle you're looking at them, just looked off to me

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