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Thread: Foxtail's Ongoing Painting Journey

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    These are interesting experiments Fox and I've heard great things about Liquid Gold as well but the fact that it is oil based has scared me away from it for now. I'll be curious to see where this all leads and which paints you end up going with for the metallics as well. Thank you for planning on painting something for me too You flatter me! You can paint whatever sounds good to you or has you inspired but if that happens to be inquisitors (or their retinue) then I will be thrilled to see how you get on.

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    Kuribo, it's certainly a pain how much you have to do differently with those paints, but hopefully it'll be worth it.

    Managed to get a tiny amount done this week. Got the skin tones for the arms sketched in and the torso pretty much finished off.

    Name:  Verminking_ArmsWIP.jpg
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    Painful how little time I have to paint at the moment. Sadly it's down to work pressures, but hopefully they'll ease off soon.

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    IK so I’ll at thi much - it doesn’t matter if things are slow ,fast, painful etc. Cause this thing is fuckin A-maze-ing!!! Probably going to be your highest scoring and best personal piece. This is what I long for it’s been about a year or more I think. All of us have witnessed all of us get better and better. In the last year, everybody of the steady forum members have blossomed. Haister, Maenas, Werner, socks , Jocelyn and myself. And now we see out of left field as if he’s been secretly painting every hour of the day ...FOXY HAS JOINED THE RANKS of simple hobbyist turned pro style painter.. there is no greater thing on earth. Now that we’ve all made huuuge jumps in talent, technique etc. We can all improve even further than we’d ever dreamt of!!!! Thank you foxy and thank the rest of you pro style painters.

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    Great progress mate, nice and clean painting
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    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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    This is turning out absolutely awesome fox... you have the skin tone looking great. Keep it up mate mate

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    Loving the hues on that ratskin!
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    Thanks guys. The support on here is awesome as ever

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    he's looking fantastic foxy. really cool skin tones. nice one
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    Bams autocorrect versions of my username never cease to amuse me haha I agree with him though, this is next level stuff right here, keep on plugging away at it

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    Coyote, Socks, thanks very much. Translating BaM’s autocorrect has become a secondary hobby for me.

    Before I headed back to work today I got an initial copper layer of Liquid Gold down on a stormcast. For all its faff, it goes on so easily that you can get a quick layer on. Whereas doing anything on Dave would have taken a while.

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    Photos really don’t get across how awesome this stuff is.

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    Damn that stuff layers really smooth... very interesting!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chaotic Creations View Post
    Damn that stuff layers really smooth... very interesting!!!
    It’s literally one(!) really thin layer

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    Shut up and take my money

    definately my my next purchase!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by metalasmedium View Post
    Wow shinny stuff! The pain of shading starts now tho...
    Not just yet brother. Still got gold and silver highlights to blend onto the model. Shading will be interesting, thinking of glazing down with a dark brown and really dark blue. I always used to work up from black, so shading down rather than highlighting up is still a bit weird to me.

    It’ll be fun though. I love discovering new stuff like this

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    blimey. thats mad shiny.
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    Wow that bronze looks great, covers so well! Also the Vermin Lord looks excellent so mate i must say

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    Fox your plan is solid -stay it’s course brother. And yes my next purchase as well. In certain it’s not just the fantastic properties of this new spray but a combo of this AND. The very gentle hand of foxy-hmm Huuh uhh huuhm (clears throat) “I WAAANT A LOOVER WITH A SLOOOOW HAND....I WAAANT A LOVER WITH AN EASY TOOOUCH!!! Sing it now -everybody ....

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    The skin tones on that rat are really impressive, Fox! As I've learned painting goblins, making skin look dirty is actually harder than just painting regular human skin. That copper looks really good as well. I'm curious to see what the finished product looks like as I prefer TMM and am always looking for ways to get better at it and having high quality paint always helps!

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