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Thread: Foxtail's Ongoing Painting Journey

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    hahahaha BAM I was not expecting that! Lucky I was not drinking anything.... hahaha

    That is truly shiny for a single layer!! Looks quite a bit red for being gold though... and since it is not acrylic... I suppose you are using another kind of brush maybe? Also.. is it too smelly?
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    I’m a little bit scared after BaM’s outburst.

    Maenas, it’s the copper colour that’s on there at the moment. I’ll blend up to gold when I next tackle him.
    One of the advantages of alcohol based paint is that you can go back at it with an alcohol-damped brush after it’s dried and blur the edges a bit, or so I’ve heard.

    You have to use synthetic brushes as the alcohol will eat away at natural bristles. It’s not particularly smelly, no more so than acrylic. The alcohol you use instead of water just smells like vodka.

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    Rat mans coming along very well, that Mr shinny is going to be very cool.

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    Sloooooow haaaand.......eaaaasy touch !!!!!

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    Cool metal results from the experimentation and the skin on ratman looks fantastic.

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    Dont worry, I'm not going to start any disturbing singing....

    Mega rat is looking awesome stay focussed and get him finished so we can soak up the goodness!

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    Thanks guys! It's been a long 3 weeks since I was last able to get paint to rat.

    I have updates, but since we can't upload photos I can't show you.

    The skin is basically done. Just the fur, metals, armour, horns and small details left to go...

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    Slooooooooooow haaaaaand.....eeeeeeeeeeeasssy toooooooouch.

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    I've made progress over the last week or so but don't have a lot to show for it so I'm in a similar camp of not having any updates at the moment for different reasons. I will patiently await pictures of the giant rat as you have time to finish it Fox!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Foxtail View Post
    One of the advantages of alcohol based paint is that you can go back at it with an alcohol-damped brush after it’s dried and blur the edges a bit, or so I’ve heard.
    Well, assuming it works somewhat similar as with oil paints and turpentine. You can go in and correct/feather when it's dry, but best before it's cured. When it's cured (after a day, or two, with oil paints) you'll need a lot more work to work the layer loose again and you risk frotting too hard and undoing all the good work.
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    Meph, it'll take a bit of getting used to with the different method of painting. But hopefully it'll look great.

    Back to old school hyperlinks for Dave the Rat.

    I'm unsure what colour to paint the armour panels. Blue and green already feature quite heavily on the model, but red should really be left as a spot colour I think. Need suggestions.

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    I would suggest black/dark blue (with red markings) or bronze/gold but I'm no expert in this areas

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    haha bloody Photobucket link is just hanging for me as well.

    Damn you internet! Judging by the link i've not seen I'd go for fluo pink.

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    Used to host the image. Then inserted the image from URL with Retrieve image unchecked. Thanks Arkaan for the tip
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    excellent stuff foxy, he's looking awesome. id maybe go dark red on the armour or blue.
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    Thanks Coyote. I'm thinking really dark blue might be the way forward.

    Distracted myself today with something different. For a while now I've been wanting to have another stab at a model I've already painted. And from everything I've done, Belisarius Cawl dissapointed me most, chielfy because of the tragic base. Below is the 2017 version of Cawl I did as a commission.

    Name:  OldCawl.jpg
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    So at some unspecified point in the future I'm going to redo the model in full, and hopefully incorporate some of the stuff I've learnt over the last year.

    Today though, I dug out the right sized base for him and got to work. I figure if I nail the base early on, then I can happily crack on with the rest of him knowing that it will look better than the last one.

    Name:  CawlBase.jpg
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    That will be great for him, I really like The metals on him and the clean job.

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    You've upped your 'red base game' at least 25 levels since the last one, hahaha. Looks like a great start to work from!

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    That's awesome base with it's own distinctive style I remember watching your belisarius when I was painting mine

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    wow that tech priest is so good! nice work fox!

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