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Thread: Foxtail's Ongoing Painting Journey

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    Thanks guys. Tee, it's actually a model I painted a year ago, I just fancy doing another version of it sometime soon.

    Small update today, just got the horns done on Dave. Can't say I'm overly enamored with them, but the paint is starting to get a bit thick on them and I don't want to risk doing anything else. I've also decided on muted blue for the armour.

    Name:  Verminking_Horns.jpg
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    Armour, boom. The stitching and rim metallic needs to be done yet, but that's a job for tomorrow. The rust areas will get a nice thick layer of pigment once everything else is done.

    Name:  Verminking_ArmourWIP.jpg
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    Coming along nicely, armor looks good an corroded.

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    Brilliant work on the armour plating, looks really nice!!!

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    Illl be the first one to say that the more you all do your armor and whatever else in corrosion, dirt, patina, and what ever else that simulates disgust , the happier than a pig in shit I become!!!!!this is no exception . Dirty dirty dirty is what makes this world go roundy roundy roundy!!!!

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    Looking good! And I'm with BAM... love the dirty, rusted armour.
    pax et bonum

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    Oooh yes a good looking fella ain't he. Nice work so far, look forward to seeing more

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    Looking really good so far... I don't see any problem with the horns... they look ace from this side of the web.
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    Coming on really well Fox, approve whole heartedly of the armour plates, should look even better once you have applied the pigments to add some texture.

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    Thanks guys. Glad he's getting some approval!

    The edges of the armour have their coating of my new favourite metallic copper on, but until I get some grime and verdigris on there it looks far too bright. In the mean time I've rounded out the base.

    Name:  Verminking_BaseWIP.jpg
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    The channel down the left hand side will have some water running along it. Due to my long and overtly negative relationship with water effects I'll be using resin again. I've got a little trial ongoing with some brown vallejo air paint in the mix. A little goes a very long way with the paint.

    Name:  Verminking_Resin.jpg
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    Once the varnish on the base has had 24 hours to properly dry I'll tape of the gaps in the base and pour a little water in to make sure there're no leaks.
    Not long left on this model now!

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    That is an amazing base! The shading of the stones is really eye catching, are you going to grim everything up?

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    Great base! crossing fingers for the resin to go in well!
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    Fantastic base, waiting for the water effect

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    Thanks guys! Guawol, I'm calling the base done I think, no more grime to add.

    Armour trim on Dave is done!
    Name:  Verminking_Armour.jpg
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    Fur next. Once that's done it should hopefully start looking pretty good.

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    Awesome fox, he’s looking soooooo good!!! And that base

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    This ugly rat looks so good in your capable painting hands Fox! I'm late to comment but the base really is outstanding. I aspire to paint stonework as well as you do one day I'm looking forward to seeing more progress! Don't forget about those inquisitors either

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    CC, Kuribo, thanks very much. I'd aspire to paint stonework like Hairster if I were you Kuribo, that's what I'm doing!

    I have an Imperial Knight pilot sat ready to go next as part of the ]|[ retinue!

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    WOW Foxy, you nailed this guy down. He looks amazing!
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    ." -Me-

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    Just had a read back through the thread.. you've been working on this guy for ages! But it's certainly paid off! The attention to detail on is amazing.

    One of the biggest changes was the skin - you went from what looks like cadian fleshtone + reikland wash to what you have now (which is..?). It's almost like night and day by comparison and the tones are now muted but yet vibrant and interesting? Very cool.

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