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Thread: Foxtail's Ongoing Painting Journey

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    Thanks a lot guys! I’m really feeling this one at the moment, hopefully that inspiration will continue.

    Today has been knight-focused. Managed to get the metals airbrushed onto the mechanical parts for both knights. All Vallejo Metal Color, going from the almost black Jet Exhaust right through to the ultra bright Chrome. Progressively spraying lighter colours from higher angles in a zenithal style.

    Name:  D1AD826C-137E-49E3-AF4C-1D4AB8C511F9.jpeg
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    Going to dig in with the details this week.

    EDIT: whilst trying to remember that these are supposed to be relatively quick finishes. Not balls-to-the-wall display models.

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    Fantastic conversion work there fox, can’t wait to see it painted up!!!

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    Cheers CC.

    The Sacristan has got 'legs' now. Still a few bits more to do on her in and around other things. Toying with the idea of trying to sculpt some cherubs with my extremely limited sculpting skills.

    Name:  legs.jpg
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    Got some metallics down on the knight chassis. Liquid Gold copper to break up the monotonous grey and a few gold eagle heads. Need to get the matte paints down and everything highlighted before shading and weathering with oils. The before and after shots with the oil should look good.

    Name:  torsoWIP.jpg
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    Name:  headWIP.jpg
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    Don’t know what s sacristan is by its awwwesome!!!

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    Metallic work is great man, very clean and smooth...

    as for the cherubs, there’s normally a few lurking around on eBay, which could be a little easier than sculpting?

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    Both projects look great, Fox. I'm a sucker for a nice conversion! Did you use one of those rollers for the 'legs' of the sacristan?

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    nice work on the knight. I like the copper bits!

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    Name:  2e1jup.jpg
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    Knight fever knight feveeeerrrrrr you know how to glue it!

    Excuse me while I let my knackers drop down again loving the conversion btw

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    I’m just going to ignore Sicks and hope that horrendous joke goes away... :P

    Thanks guys, I’m making an effort to clear as much of my backlog now as possible, so I’ve got a few projects on the go at once.

    Toad, the wires are bass guitar string. Bit of a pain to work with but a damn sight easier than sculpting them.
    BaM, a sacristan is like a Knight House’s techpriest. I’ve just adopted the term based on the concept art

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    Nice mods. BTW the gold and copper on that head look awesome on top of the silvery metals.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Foxtail View Post
    I’m just going to ignore Sicks and hope that horrendous joke goes away... :P
    That'll probably just make me worse haha, I think I've levelled up my dad jokes game

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    Thanks KB. I got a little more done on the detailing for the Knight, but nothing worth showing. I was getting a little bored and frustrated with it after a while, so I refocused by starting a space marine and doing a bit more on one of Mortarion’s nurglings that’s been sat in a box for a while.

    Name:  DAC8D59A-67C6-45E1-9850-8500E4A863C7.jpeg
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    Chanelled my inner BaM with this next one
    Name:  D1556BF9-3999-46F1-B294-5083EE2C3171.jpeg
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    Superb blending on the cloak mate, really impressive!!!

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    You're a busy boy at the minute Fox!

    Love the converting/sculpting project you are working on....soo much potential in that one! Consider your guitar wire mech tendril/cabling solution well and truly stolen.

    Knights are coming along nicely too

    ...and as CC said you made a great start on that Smurf.

    go go Fox....keep em coming.

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    The Sacristan looks quite spooky. You build it to play or just for fun?
    Looking forward to see progress on this one :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chaotic Creations View Post
    youve probably seen it already as it’s doing the rounds, but just had to share it here as he’s going to be one of your trio you could go for a similar theme haha...
    Attachment 67451
    Love it!!!

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    Wow that guy carrying the tank came out awesome! really nicely done.


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    Thanks all. I certainly am busy with miniatures at the weekend currently. Just struggle in the week around work.

    No plans this weekend though so it looks like it's going to be hobby time all the time! Making a proper effort to clear the backlog, even if I'm getting stuff out of the way quickly rather than painting display pieces.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Graishak View Post
    The Sacristan looks quite spooky. You build it to play or just for fun?
    Just for fun buddy. Haven't gamed in a very long time.

    Name:  Metallic base.jpg
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    Metallics based for the Storm Warden and the canister carrying nurgling finished (aside from horns which will be done after Morty, in about 40 years at this rate)

    Name:  Canister front.jpg
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Size:  108.6 KBName:  Canister side.jpg
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    Hells yeah that marine is going for up to 100 dollars on the eBay. Very impressive start and even more impressive work on mortys littlin

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