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Thread: Foxtail's Ongoing Painting Journey

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    I particularly love the shine you gave to the hand. The video you posted on insta shows better the work
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    Great silvery job super duper metallic shine!!!

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    Thanks guys. It’s a shame you can’t post Instagram vids here, they are useful for showing what minis actually look like.

    Name:  93B7BC20-08CA-4B21-AA2E-51538C378470.jpeg
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    Another slow week but I managed to get a squad of these guys stripped. Finding these awesome old minis in metal is getting harder and harder. Potential for a kill team squad with some Dire Avengers in the distant future.

    Got the copper laid down on the rest of the two knights chassis tonight. Going into overdrive on these guys over the weekend; I want to at least have the armour prepped ready for painting with the chassis finished apart from rust (waiting on an AK Interactive order)

    Name:  C8A0D9FD-74C9-48F0-B6E2-CE3ACCC4DF01.jpeg
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    And I haven’t forgotten about the sacristan

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    Those are some awesome looking pieces of machinery! I love how worn and realistic all of the surfaces look. I don't care for the Titans' design all that much but I have a feeling that I'm going to love the final results of this project because of your skill as a painter! I wouldn't mind seeing you take a crack at some Eldar either!

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    Cheers mate!

    I might have overdone it with the rust on the renegade knight weapons. Here's a finished one next to the relatively clean one.

    Name:  rust.jpg
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    Not sure if I've pushed it a bit too much. Hopefully it'll contrast well with the armour plates being more defined and, for lack of a better word, cartoony.

    I'd welcome any thoughts on this!

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    That verdigris is awesome mate, I always seem to over or under do itbut you seem to have it down

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    Those metalics are pretty Foxtail. I also love the hints of copper and verdigris for accent colors. Very nice.

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    You can never OVERDO the rust and grime!!! says me !!!lololol I think it looks ABS FABS!!!...
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    I would say, keep at it like now, then once mounted up, you'll see if you need more or less rust/grime/verdigris.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BloodASmedium View Post
    You can never OVERDO the rust and grime!!! says me !!!lololol I think it looks ABS FABS!!!...
    Definitely tried to channel my inner BaM for these! Thanks all, I appreciate the support.

    Name:  Rust.jpg
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    Chassis all rusted up. The renegade is rightfully in a much worse state of affairs than the loyalist. Armour to be started this weekend.

    I also redid the bases for these guys as I wasn't keen on what I had before. Not sure which knight will be on which base yet.

    Name:  Bases unpainted.jpg
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    Hawkshroud Knight armour’s on its way.

    Name:  E56570C5-F690-4FFA-9F63-57B5DABF8340.jpeg
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    The iPhone really didn’t want to do the colours right on that middle pic

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    Those bases are looking good Fox! I think the debris looks really natural and impressive. I'm looking forward to more updates so keep the updates coming!

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    Cheers Kuribo. Nothing happens quick on these knights, I often find myself just staring at the models trying to work out what to do next. I got the shading done for the armour over the weekend.

    Name:  Hawkshroud Armour.jpg
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    Away from home this week, so I boxed up a few supplies and made a start on George the Nurgling.

    Name:  Skin WIP.jpg
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    I'm not sure about him, couldn't seem to get the colour to behave how I wanted it.

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    Name:  D44A48FA-9D40-4D0A-AE2B-13AF388513EF.jpeg
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    Small update on George. Feeling a bit better about him.

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    Coming together nicely (knights and George)....Holiday painting?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hairster View Post
    Coming together nicely (knights and George)....Holiday painting?
    If only! Just away with work for a week. I'm finding it harder to fit in proper hobby time, so a small cardboard box of paints and a wet pallet might be getting carted around with me more often.

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    Liking your nurgling i'm thinking in doing a nurgle model next or an eldar model.

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    those metallic pieces look gorgeous !
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    Distractions, distractions everywhere...

    So I bought a Cawdor gang. Purely tabletop standard, mostly as an exercise to see how long it takes me to paint a standard 10 man squad to an acceptable standard. Up to 14 hours so far!

    Name:  0114E410-D168-4E6F-8E7F-6F998281F90E.jpeg
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    Brown and blue are done, bar any ink tints I might throw on. Highlighting the bandages next, not looking forward to that one.

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