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Thread: Looking for advice: generic Outcasts and Bounty Hunters

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    Default Looking for advice: generic Outcasts and Bounty Hunters

    Howdy. Ive flirted with this game for 5 odd years, with maybe half a dozen demos in that time. Finally picked up some generic Outcasts and Bounty Hunters. Wondering if there is some good, current articles on them, or anyone willing to give some starter tips and good things to own for a handful of decent, fun 1K lists.

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    Hi there

    Also, sorry for the late reply.

    The game is pretty quiet atm, as you can see lol. So, regarding 'current' articles...not that I know of. The place to check would be the Dark Age forums on the main game page. Or just ask this there, I suppose. You will get better responses.

    That said, the Bounty Hunter characters all have rather powerful stat lines to bring to the table, but each is quiet unique and I dont know that much synergy is built into them. For that reason I would say they are probably at their most powerful helping fill-out roles that other factions lack. Generic Outcasts I don't know very well, but that would be the question to ask yourself: what role does vanilla NEED, and which Bounty Hunter (s) fill that role?

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