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    Default Zombicide Brains free painting!

    Well, thought I had already posted my stuff on this forum but must have slipped by me! I'll start with the old stuff first and cut n paste from another source until I am up to date

    Excuse any random statements in the posts that may be replies to questions that don't exist here!

    Yeah, not wanting to see or paint another zombie again....that's not going to plan :P

    Never want to see another zombie again.....well at least until season two kickstarter is shipped

    Contents of the box

    The various zombie sculpts

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    First batch of heroes, no particular order, just the first handful I grabbed

    And their Zombivor versions...

    Dog companions

    Zombie Dogs!

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    painted up a few more survivors and the Zombivor versions including the zombivors for the original 6 heroes

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    That's the Toxic zombies all done (including the KS alternate sculpts)

    Went green with the bases to aid quick identification when mixed with the standard and future berserkers, keeps the pace of the game going

    Think I may take a couple of weeks break from zombies, personally if I see another anytime soon I will punch it in the brainpan!

    ps. Ben. will get a couple of closer shots of the leather clad vixen this weekend

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    Berserkers finished, pretty much just waiting for the Kick starter 'not celebrity' releases in the next wave now

    Ben, the latex clad vixen..

    Really nothing special close up tbh, but like all my 'gaming standard' miniatures they pop at the right distance, besides my mate has a rather crap bulb in the light where we play, dunno why I bother if I'm honest! Think I might have to start taking my night vision gear if it gets any darker!

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    Few more alt sculpts from the KS season 2...

    Abominations, fatties and walkers

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    22 more Zombies of the Alternative sculpts from the season 2 Kickstarter finished. Because you can never kill enough zombies in my opinion!

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    Last set of alt sculpts from the KS finished, just waiting on wave 2 'not celebrity' heroes now, hopefully 1st quarter of 2014 then I can cross this one off the project list!

    I sort of thought they looked like they were laying down some funk, hence the 70's style disco suit theme!

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    Zpocalypse Barricade set painted, should come in handy for various different board games

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    Started work on the final wave of season two heroes, some famous faces in there!

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    Last of the Heroes finally finished! That's yer lot, season two all done and dusted...huzzaaa!

    Uncle Honk :P

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    Wasn't originally going to paint any of the season 3 minis up for a while but then I saw the VIP miniatures which included, zombie hotdogs, Elvis and Leia, oh who am I kidding, you got me at zombie hotdogs! Anyhow, not sure I will paint up the core stuff yet but the VIP, companions and crows all add to gameplay so they are defo getting done.
    these should add even more fun to the game. VIP's work like this; shuffle in the spawn cards into the spawn deck, when drawn spawn a random VIP miniature, soon as a player collects and kills 5 different VIP zombies they get to choose a Pimp weapon from the stack! Companions are shuffled into the search pile, they offer various different extra actions such as sniper shot, extra fire power, the ability to open doors, extra search, etc. well, from never wanting to see or paint another zombie again I seem to have added nearly 50 new bods to the game! Damn you Guillotine games..DAMN YOU!

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    Well, I went into the workshop to grab some SDE minis to paint....came out with more zombies, how did that happen!

    A few skinners, fatties and aboms done

    Slightly different skin tone on these chaps as they are supposed to be 'veteran' zombies so I used the official zombie flesh from the CMON set for a less 'juicy' look

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    Well, seems my oath of never painting another damn zombie soon crumbled when I saw the black plague offerings so I guess its a new start right here! Pointless starting a new thread so I will continue posting here, its essentially the same game!

    Heroes done, don't know when I will get time to make a start on the zombies but usually a quick project so would like to get them all finished before the rest of the horde descends in wave two!

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    Fatties, runners & necro done, only 30+ walkers to do now and that's that itch well and truly scratched!

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    Finished all the core set off now so I can bob them under the table and break into another kickstarter box to kill some time before wave 2 lands...I'm fancying some chibi ninjas next!

    They all fit snugly back into the box and yeah, I only just noticed the diagrams on the side showing how they all fit back in there...days I have wasted trying to work that out....DAYS!

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    Finally got a little more black Plague stuff done

    Deadeyes and Critchlow hero set finished!

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    Right, that's me up to date, anything done from this point is new stuff and I'll probably be attending some sort of therapy to cure my addiction/hate of zombies in between!

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    Holy crap you are making me feel bad about not painting mine yet. These look great ALL painted up. Hard to believe you did not become a zombie from painting all of these.

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    Dang! A veritable painting machine, you are haha. Those minis all look really good. Very high table top standard at least! I'm a little late to the Zombicide party, I just got Season 1 about a month ago. I am going to start painting my zombies this weekend and then get to the survivors. I hope I can get them to a decent tabletop standard like yours; I'd be happy with that. I will post some pics as soon as I make some progress. Wish me luck! And keep up the fantastic work!

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