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Thread: When will this be for sale again in the UK?

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    Default When will this be for sale again in the UK?

    I'm ashamed of myself for missing the KS a while back! I've looked on ebay / shops and you can't get this game cheaper than 80 quid. Anyone know when it will be back in stock with main suppliers in the UK?


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    I joined this site to get a reply to exactly this question. On the Wayland Games site it is described as awaiting reprint but that appears to be blind optimism, perhaps someone in the know could drop a hint?

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    I was in Element Games last week and they had some on the shelves

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    dalezzz, thanks for that. Not only the game but also the Gods of Asgard and the mystics.

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    never actually used the Gods expansion in our games , but the models sure are nice mystics are always used

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