Recently, we tried a new way of playing Rivet Wars.

  1. Players score points for their Strategic Objective at the beginning of a round where they are the starting player.
  2. At the beginning of a round, both players draw their cards.
  3. The starting player purchases and deploys their units. Then, other player purchases and deploys their units.
  4. After all units have been purchased, the starting player begins by activating one unit type, tapping the card to indicate activation. The following player then activates a unit type.
  5. If one player has more unit types than their opponent, that player gets back to back activations until all units have been activated.
  6. After the combat phase, the starting player takes all of their movement, one unit type at a time, untapped get their card. The other player then takes all of their movement, untapping their unit cards.
  7. wrap up and starting player changes.

It really changed the dynamics of the game. We started to consider things such as diversity and abundance. Having many different types of troops gives you more options and, if you have more types than your opponent, more back to back activations at the end of the round. Having lots of one type of troops give you more units to activate at one time. In addition, you tend to pay more attention to units that have not yet activated.

If you are looking for a fresh way to play, with a little more strategic depth I suggest giving it a try.

Note: I have not tried it with air units.