I this game still supported?
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Thread: I this game still supported?

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    Default I this game still supported?

    I only recently learned of this game. So far I really like what I've seen and wanted to purchase more expansions. So far that is proven to be fairly difficult. Several of the teams seem to be sold out almost everywhere. The few places I found some of the harder to find teams have been asking for insane amounts of money.

    Is this game still being supported? Are there plans to reprint these harder to find teams any time soon? Are there any plans for future releases?

    Thank you for your answers in advanced.

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    No response after a few days? I guess this game is dead. Too bad. Guess I will look into one of the other similar games.

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    I was sad( very bad news for me

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    I got this game from someone I know who didn't want it and soon placed it on my shelf since no one had interest. That was a year ago. Recently I got my hands on all the kickstarter exclusives and teams as well as 2 league packs and we're enjoying it very much. I just wish it weren't dropped fro official support as it seems to have been.

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