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    So I was attempting to play this with a friend yesterday, but found a few of the rules to be unclear

    - Do you pick only 3 heroes now, instead of 5 like before (and choosing only 3 to use at a time)?
    - When the crew activate, can they attack an enemy that's in a square to their right, left, or behind them? (my friend ran a hero over to my armory and did 2 damage with an attack, the crew then proceeded to populate their deployment point and slay the hero with 6 dice + the 2 from the bosun. The rules say that if they begin their activation next to an enemy they don't have to move)
    - Do the kraken points add up over the course of the game or are they reset to 0 at the end of each round?
    - Do all your heroes start off of the board and when it is their turn they are placed on a deployment point? Does placing a hero on a deployment point count as an action or are they able to use their 3 actions as normal when they are put into play? (in the game I tried I was able to spawn a hero, move it over to my opponent, and then slay him with two lucky attacks)
    - Does initiative switch to the next player at the end of each round?

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    I wrote out a large explanation explaining all of your issues and the solutoons then i accidentally hit the wrong button and all of my txt was removed, so I’m sorry but, all of these things are explained in the rule book.

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