Black Plague Monty Python Campaign Ideas?
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Thread: Black Plague Monty Python Campaign Ideas?

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    Default Black Plague Monty Python Campaign Ideas?

    I'm planning on doing a Black Plague campaign using all the Monty Python minis and I wanted to brainstorm some ideas for missions. I'll post all the stuff I create and write for everyone to use, if there is interest.

    My group is going to get together and watch the Holy Grail movie and then run through a campaign. We probably have about 10-12 hours set aside for this.

    I have all the Zombicide sets. I was thinking of using BP, Wolfsburg and the open area/field tiles from Prison Outbreak (Shrubberies? Forests?) for board setup.

    Possible ideas I'm kicking around are:

    *Zombie wedding crashing (HUUUUGE tracts of land sequence) with a tower, maybe a couple of rooms and open fields with tents and wedding guest zombies.

    *Something involving a castle full of maiden zombies

    *I have already made a mini (still needs paint) for an abomination Killer Bunny of Caerbannog

    * I am toying with how to incorporate the Black Beast of Aaaaarrrggggh! as some sort of ambomination.

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    Red face Here are all the equipment cards I have come up with so far

    Name:  A Board copy.jpg
Views: 318
Size:  11.5 KBName:  A cat copy.jpg
Views: 303
Size:  12.3 KBName:  A cat02.jpg
Views: 310
Size:  12.5 KBName:  African Swallows copy.jpg
Views: 303
Size:  12.8 KBName:  Coconut Shells copy.jpg
Views: 300
Size:  12.3 KBName:  Cowtapult copy.jpg
Views: 303
Size:  15.2 KBName:  Ecuadoran Spitting Llamas copy.jpg
Views: 304
Size:  13.2 KBName:  Knights of Ni 01.jpg
Views: 302
Size:  12.1 KBName:  Knights of Ni 02.jpg
Views: 308
Size:  12.5 KBName:  Mexican Whooping Llamas copy.jpg
Views: 322
Size:  12.6 KBName:  Minstrels copy.jpg
Views: 311
Size:  13.7 KBName:  Pious Pipe Bomb.jpg
Views: 301
Size:  15.0 KBName:  Shield of the Hindmost.jpg
Views: 319
Size:  14.4 KBName:  The Cows Buttercup.jpg
Views: 301
Size:  12.5 KBName:  The Cows Daisy.jpg
Views: 298
Size:  12.0 KBName:  The Herrings 02.jpg
Views: 303
Size:  13.8 KBName:  The Herrings copy.jpg
Views: 304
Size:  13.8 KBName:  THree Headed Knight.jpg
Views: 303
Size:  12.8 KBName:  Venezuelan Red Llama.jpg
Views: 317
Size:  12.2 KB

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    Dude! This is awesome! Props to you for your creativity. I'm still trying to find the time to paint my core set, and I've only been able to play one game so far.

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    This kind of demands cards for trusty squires like Patsy and Concord in the line of modern Zombicide companions. And a throng of lusty virgins to spawn in the tower with the rail shaped beacon instead of zombies.

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