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    Woah. I almost feel like I've been cheated here, what with you hiding all this goodness from us :O

    You've really got the weathering down good there

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    I usually don´t go overboard with praise, but my god that lunar wolf is one of the most beautiful space marines I´ve ever seen. Especially the black on the shoulderpad and the gun are absolutely stunning. Balancing it out with a somewhat clean facemask makes it really pop as well.

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    Testing out some red ceramite texture work, done as an excercise in preparation for a certain red, angry, angry Marine dude.

    This is my favourite way of painting Space Marine armour, examples of which I plan to showcase more on my blog in the future. The idea behind it, is using a series of super small, micro-brushtrokes built into the highlights, to convey texture. To give the idea that ceramite plate of Space Marines - even when it's polished and covered with Ultramarines parade-ground level, ceremonial paint - isn't Ferrari-smooth, but instead has a poruous, micro-scratched texture, similar to hulls of modern tanks (power armour was supposed to change a Marine into a walking tank, after all).

    Now the value work on the red still could use a bit ironing out, to make the reflections more realistic (red is quite tricky), but I am very happy with the look of the texture itself. Since this particular test was done in preparation for a Khorne, Chaos model, I was aiming for a rougher, duller, less reflective red surface, than I would in case of a Blood Angel for example (which would combine the microscrathes with a higher value contrast on the red, to convey a more polished paintjob, while still retaining some texture).

    I also just ordered these two scenic bases made by Secret Weapon. They will serve as a source of bits for the Angry Dude's display base. Like I said, the guy suffers from some serious anger management issues

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    Back from the dead.

    An excercise in NMM for an embarrasingly long overdue commission. I was going for a realistic, "brushed metal" kinda finish/texture. Some of the pictured NMM sections still have some small touch ups to be made. I might also paint some additional, coloured reflections bouncing from various objects around the figure's armour.

    This was actually the first time I had tried painting NMM ever. I've never been a huge fan of this technique. When done properly (think Kiril Kanaev or Lan Studio) it can look great, but the vast majority of NMM paintjobs out there, in my opinion, look too "muted" and at best resemble polished plastic rather than metal. Plus, there is just something in the realistic, reflective quality of a true metallic paint as it shines on your figure in real life, that is particularlly appealing and hard to recreate.

    This project however, has convinced me of the values of proper NMM at this scale. With the right application, this technique can replicate a kind of dramatic, highly reflective and very detailed look that would be impossible to achieve with even the best quality metallics, simply becouse light reflects differently from objects at this scale.

    Though it was my first proper NMM project, I was confident I could make it look good and a lot of research, preparation and testing went into it, so that I could give the client a convincing replication of a highly reflective finish.

    I was going for a realistic, convincing look of metal but the colours on this plate are slightly "upped". Meaning it's not meant to represent the finish of steel, aluminium or chrome, but rather the slightly otherworldy look of a consecrated, Grey Knight plate with a blue'ish tint.

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    That looks stunning, can't believe it's your first try at nmm, I am very jealous

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    Amazing stuff, the marines look stunning, really nice weathering

    the NMM on the new one looks really good, very real shine to it

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    beautiful, add those reflected colors it will sell the piece even more! bring them up from the base and cloak
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